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Due to the irregularity of this current 2020 Presidential Election, this is a crowdsourcing tool for organizing anomalies and legal issues. Our desire is that more of the election process would be made transparent so there would be unquestionable confidence in our voting systems.

This is for aggregating publicly available items of evidence that would be admissible in court, not general election news stories or updates.

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1 – Voting Legislation
4PA court rules against post-election vote curingPennsylvaniaSourceCourt Ruling12/11/2020 07:30 PM4
3Local Election Officials have the authority to allow/deny observers access for signature verificationPennsylvaniaSourceCourt Ruling10/12/2020 08:27 PM4
312 times outside entities tried to sue Texas to change ballot integrity lawsTexasSourceMaterial10/12/2020 05:22 PM4
2Voting machine vendors are without regulation or security standardsNationwideSourceCourt Ruling14/11/2020 04:51 PM1
145 day after election, federal official assess if foreign governments had any effectNationwideSourceDocument16/11/2020 06:46 PM4
2 – Illegal Votes
4!15,017 ballots were illegally marked “Returned” between Nov 7th and Nov 16thPennsylvaniaSourceMaterial10/12/2020 08:27 PM4
4!Counties continued illegally processing new ballot applications after Nov 3rdPennsylvaniaSourceMaterial10/12/2020 02:04 PM4
4!200,000 more AV ballots counted than ballots returned in single countyMichiganSourceMaterial10/12/2020 09:30 AM4
4!143,835 votes in Georgia were in violation to state lawsGeorgiaSourceMaterial04/12/2020 02:06 AM4
4!42,248 voters voted twiceNevadaSourceExpert Witness03/12/2020 07:58 PM4
4!2,689 fraudulent addresses used in GA and PAWisconsinSourceMaterial24/11/2020 11:07 PM4
4!1093% more Indefinitely Confined granted (Covid not a qualification) than 2016WisconsinSourceMaterial24/11/2020 11:01 PM4
4!138,444 swing state votes were cast from voters with residence in another stateNationwideSourceMaterial24/11/2020 10:59 PM4
4!23.2% of absentee ballots returned by voters, were not received in swing statesNationwideSourceStatistical24/11/2020 10:56 PM4
4!27.4% of absentee ballots were likely fraudently requested in AZ, GA, MI, PA, WINationwideSourceStatistical24/11/2020 10:55 PM4
48,000 ballots cast with addresses that are physically non-existentNevadaSourceMaterial03/12/2020 07:56 PM4
41,500 voters were listed as deceased by the Social Security AdministrationNevadaSourceMaterial03/12/2020 07:55 PM4
46,000 voters who had U.S. Postal Service “flags” on “vacant addresses.”NevadaSourceMaterial03/12/2020 07:55 PM4
461% of signatures were found invalid after State Senator Obama initiated challengeIllinoisSourceHistorical Context23/11/2020 10:15 PM4
4Determining the legality of a ballot is “optional” for absentee counting boardsMichiganSourceDocument21/11/2020 12:54 PM4
440,875+ ballots were cast in the name of another voter without their consentPennsylvaniaSourceStatistical20/11/2020 04:09 AM4
4353 counties in 29 states have more voter registrations than voting-age citizensNationwideSourceMaterial19/11/2020 09:53 AM4
440 of CO’s 64 counties have more voter registrations than voting-age citizensColoradoSourceMaterial19/11/2020 10:01 AM4
4834 counts of mail-in voter fraud prosecuted by OAG since 2004TexasSourceHistorical Context19/11/2020 12:40 AM4
49,500 dead people returned mail-in ballotsMichiganSourceMaterial18/11/2020 10:17 PM4
42,000 ballots found in single sweep, despite numerous prior sweepsPennsylvaniaSourceMaterial18/11/2020 10:03 PM4
4Mail-in ballots were “returned” for counting before they were mailedPennsylvaniaSourceMaterial18/11/2020 09:02 PM4
4223,000 intractable mail-in ballots sent to wrong addressesNevadaSourceMaterial18/11/2020 07:23 PM4
48,000 voter application submitted by couple on behalf of homeless and the deadCaliforniaSourceMaterial18/11/2020 06:33 PM3
49,626 vote error discovered by recount monitorGeorgiaSourceWitness18/11/2020 03:29 PM4
415,000 Nevada voters suspected to have also voted outside stateNevadaSourceMaterial18/11/2020 11:36 AM3
46,000 illegal votes in NV, according to NV District AttorneyNevadaSourceMaterial17/11/2020 05:11 AM4
432.6% of 1706 sample received absentee ballots without their requestPennsylvaniaSourceMaterial17/11/2020 08:07 PM3
41,600+ voters born 1800 and 1900 voted by mail in NCNorth CarolinaSourceDocument17/11/2020 12:07 AM4
4Claim that Maiden name was used to vote in electionNationwideSourceWitness16/11/2020 11:21 PM1
4“X” used for signatures for in fraudulent voter registrationsPennsylvaniaSourceWitness16/11/2020 06:29 PM3
4132,000 “Change of Address” flags in single GA countyGeorgiaSourceMaterial16/11/2020 02:03 PM4
4PA DoS removed signature verification from all mail-in ballotsPennsylvaniaSourceCourt Ruling16/11/2020 01:49 PM4
418,000 mail-in ballots didn’t have a “Mailed Date” only a return date after Nov 3rdPennsylvaniaSourceMaterial16/11/2020 12:40 PM4
43,000 instances of alleged voter fraud filed with AG by Nevada GOPNevadaSourceWitness16/11/2020 11:14 AM4
4Rejected absentee ballots: 3.5% in 2018 to 0.3% in 2020 despite 500% more votesGeorgiaSourceStatistical14/11/2020 07:08 PM4
3Upwards of 45% of Indefinitely Confined voters shown to not qualifyWisconsinSourceStatistical24/11/2020 11:05 PM4
31.2% of newly moved voters had votes cast in their name without consentNationwideSourceStatistical24/11/2020 10:58 PM4
31.3% of newly registered voters had votes cast in their name without consentNationwideSourceStatistical24/11/2020 10:57 PM4
332,000 Michigan residents sign request for independed auditMichiganSourceDocument23/11/2020 10:11 PM4
3149,772 vote batch is 96% for single canidateMichiganSourceStatistical23/11/2020 10:10 PM4
3143,379 vote dump at 3:42am had a 93% leaning towards single candidateWisconsinSourceStatistical18/11/2020 11:44 PM4
3500 absentee ballots missing, never delivered by postal serviceMinnesotaSourceDocument17/11/2020 05:56 PM4
31,298 proven instances of voter fraud with 1,121 criminal convictionsNationwideSourceHistorical Context16/11/2020 12:11 PM4
3Jill Stein contested the results in 3 states 2016 for similar irregularitiesNationwideSourceHistorical Context16/11/2020 12:09 PM4
395% registered voter turnout in PhiladelphiaPennsylvaniaSourceStatistical15/11/2020 11:51 AM4
31994: Judge rules Democrat stole State Senate election in Philadelphia schemePennsylvaniaSourceHistorical Context14/11/2020 04:42 PM4
2300,000 Fake People Voted In Arizona ElectionArizonaSourceExpert Witness03/12/2020 03:55 PM4
2Benford Analysis shows irregularNationwideSourceStatistical19/11/2020 07:50 PM2
2139 unexplainable discrepancies in Clark County Commission raceGeorgiaSourceMaterial19/11/2020 12:55 AM3
2Lowest recorded mail-in ballot rejection rate in swing statesNationwideSourceStatistical19/11/2020 12:50 AM3
295% of Bellwether counties break voting pattern, creating statistical anomalyNationwideSourceStatistical18/11/2020 11:56 PM2
2Statistical anomalies in multiple states have a time correlationNationwideSourceStatistical16/11/2020 06:36 PM2
2Biden’s Mail-in votes dramatically fail Benford Test Atlanta, all others pass.GeorgiaSourceStatistical16/11/2020 11:00 AM2
2782 more votes than than registered voters in Detroit from 2016 electionMichiganSourceHistorical Context14/11/2020 04:32 PM4
2NYT FLASHBACK: Error and fraud at issue as absentee voting rises (2012)NationwideSourceHistorical Context13/11/2020 08:31 AM3
2PA Auditors Warned of Dead People, Duplicates on State Voter RollsPennsylvaniaSourceHistorical Context12/11/2020 10:34 PM3
2US decried Ukraine election due to expelled observers, mail-in ballots and 90% turnoutNationwideSourceHistorical Context12/11/2020 10:14 PM4
1Former Texas ivoting official certified fictitious ballot for Lyndon JohnsonTexasSourceHistorical Context23/11/2020 11:18 PM1
12435 mail-in ballots were cast in the names of deceased voters in PAPennsylvaniaSourceMaterial22/11/2020 07:59 AM3
11614 mail-in ballots were cast in the names of deceased voters in MIMichiganSourceMaterial22/11/2020 07:57 AM3
1Campaign offical ask for volenteers to track down ballot in PAWisconsinSourcePhoto – Audio – Video20/11/2020 10:47 AM2
1GA Secretary of State withholds ballot image from public viewingGeorgiaSourceDocument19/11/2020 12:02 AM1
1Double mail-in ballots received by serval dozen votersVirginiaSourceDocument16/11/2020 09:20 PM3
1Double mail-in ballot received by around 1000 votersVirginiaSourceDocument16/11/2020 09:18 PM3
119,888 counterfeit U.S. driver’s licenses from China seized by authoritiesIllinoisSourceDocument16/11/2020 02:14 PM1
1Joe Biden states he put together the most “extensive… voter fraud organization”NationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video16/11/2020 11:57 AM1
1FL precinct reports more than 100% voter turnout due to UCFFloridaSourceMaterial12/11/2020 10:47 PM1
08205 ballots were approved, mailed out, filled out, mailed back, and received on same day.PennsylvaniaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video20/11/2020 01:27 PM4
3 – Polling Place Irregularities
4!65,026 ballots were marked “Returned” after Nov 3rd, despite Kathy Boockvar reporting 10kPennsylvaniaSourceMaterial10/12/2020 08:26 PM4
4!112,516 ballots were given new return dates.PennsylvaniaSourceMaterial10/12/2020 08:24 PM4
4!151,775 mail-in ballot records were changed on Nov 23rdPennsylvaniaSourceMaterial10/12/2020 08:20 PM4
4!18,000~ hidden ballots retrieved and counted during evacuationGeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video03/12/2020 08:09 PM4
4Signature inspectors told only 1 letter needs to appears to matchNevadaSourceWitness08/12/2020 09:00 PM4
4Spike in votes occurred after observers were told vote counting was closingGeorgiaSourceMaterial08/12/2020 08:29 PM4
4Observers were falsely told by officials that counting was stopping.GeorgiaSourceWitness08/12/2020 08:23 PM4
42% of ballots from a 100 ballot sample had a votes altered and removedArizonaSourceMaterial08/12/2020 08:16 PM4
46% of signatures from 100 ballot sample were problematic – Republican WitnessArizonaSourceExpert Witness08/12/2020 08:03 PM4
4Officials have not provided Chain of Custody Records in accordance to state lawsGeorgiaSourceDocument08/12/2020 05:17 PM4
49% of signatures from 100 ballot sample were problematic – Democrat WitnessArizonaSourceExpert Witness08/12/2020 05:07 PM4
4100 affidavits attest to unlawful votes in GeorgiaGeorgiaSourceWitness04/12/2020 02:51 AM4
4500+ votes being credited to a single batch of 50 ballotsMichiganSourceWitness04/12/2020 02:50 AM4
415 witness videos from Precinct 13: Congressman, Senator, Dominion employeeMichiganSourcePhoto – Audio – Video24/11/2020 04:46 PM4
4Recount monitors unable to track multiple tables with constant recount errorsGeorgiaSourceWitness19/11/2020 01:08 AM3
4Poll Challengers were kick out for challenging suspect ballotsMichiganSourcePhoto – Audio – Video18/11/2020 10:27 PM3
4Observers forced to stand 30 feet away from ballot counting, despite state lawsPennsylvaniaSourceWitness18/11/2020 09:42 PM3
4Polling place illegally handed out handed out gift cards for absentee ballotsNevadaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video18/11/2020 07:50 PM3
4200,000 mail-in ballots cast with the unverifyable “indefinitely confined” statusWisconsinSourceMaterial18/11/2020 06:48 PM4
42,600 new votes found in county’s recountGeorgiaSourceMaterial18/11/2020 04:43 PM4
4Recount protocol breached by workers silently passing on ballotsGeorgiaSourceWitness18/11/2020 03:27 PM4
42,349 undated ballots counted after Board of Elections voted 2-1 against Elections CodePennsylvaniaSourceMaterial17/11/2020 08:33 AM4
439% of 1137 Republican ballots never arrived for counting, despite being mailed.PennsylvaniaSourceMaterial17/11/2020 08:11 PM3
472% of Detroit’s absentee ballot counts were off, Canvassers discoversMichiganSourceDigital – Glitch17/11/2020 07:44 PM4
470% of Detroit’s 134 absentee counting boards had unexplained counting errorsMichiganSourceDigital – Glitch17/11/2020 07:43 PM4
4Poll observers forced to use binoculars to watch voting process, despite court orderPennsylvaniaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video16/11/2020 06:45 PM3
4Pre-canvassing ballots in some counties weeks early, violating election lawsPennsylvaniaSourceWitness14/11/2020 05:19 PM4
4234 pages of sworn affidavits for election irregularities from single countyMichiganSourceWitness12/11/2020 10:26 PM4
4500 sworn affidavits and 11,000 reports of irregularitiesNationwideSourceWitness12/11/2020 12:47 PM4
32,000 ballots were duplicated by officials while denying access for Observers.ArizonaSourceWitness08/12/2020 09:32 PM4
3400,000 ballot discrepancy between the official number on Nov 2nd and Nov 3rdPennsylvaniaSourceMaterial08/12/2020 12:48 PM4
3GOP Reps certified election on as an attempted to protecting their familiesMichiganSourceWitness19/11/2020 09:38 AM4
36 recount monitors witness batches of ballots appearing to be marked by machinesGeorgiaSourceWitness18/11/2020 11:09 PM4
39,000 ballot counting error caught by recount moderatorsGeorgiaSourceMaterial18/11/2020 10:53 PM4
3List of poll watchers being denied entryPennsylvaniaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video16/11/2020 10:56 PM2
3Dominion IT worker submits affidavit describing poll workers signing ballotsMichiganSourceExpert Witness16/11/2020 11:15 AM4
3Dems receive new election after affidavits show an absentee ballot schemeNorth CarolinaSourceHistorical Context15/11/2020 01:06 PM4
389% failure rate with verifying signatures in Clark countyNevadaSourceStatistical14/11/2020 05:11 PM3
3NV whistleblower describes Biden van vote factoryNevadaSourceWitness12/11/2020 10:03 PM4
3State and Election Officials acted against ballot curing Court OrderPennsylvaniaSourceWitness12/11/2020 09:32 PM4
2Clerk signals that non-party workers may be in party worker slotsMichiganSourcePhoto – Audio – Video23/11/2020 08:11 PM4
2200,000 ballots counted without human verificationNevadaSourceWitness18/11/2020 07:56 PM2
2Email from Election Official Stressing Issues with Voters Using SharpiesArizonaSourceDocument18/11/2020 02:44 PM4
2Poll worker instructed to adjust the mailing date of absentee ballot packagesMichiganSourceWitness16/11/2020 06:35 PM4
2Detroit contracted poll workers from firm owned by key figure in corruption caseMichiganSourceMaterial14/11/2020 06:40 PM2
21 monitor for 10 tables of counters in recountGeorgiaSourceDocument14/11/2020 05:07 PM2
2Memory sticks used to program Philly’s voting machines, stolen from warehousePennsylvaniaSourceWitness14/11/2020 04:54 PM4
2MI state senators request a full audit of the electionMichiganSourceExpert Witness12/11/2020 09:56 PM4
2FEC chair believes there may be fraud since observers bannedNationwideSourceExpert Witness12/11/2020 09:02 PM2
4 – Discarded or Destroyed Ballots
3PA Poll Worker Admits to Throwing All Donald Trump Ballots in GarbagePennsylvaniaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video29/11/2020 04:43 PM1
2Ballot envelopes visibly identify the voter’s party affiliationFloridaSourceMaterial19/11/2020 09:39 PM2
11,314 pieces of mail discard in wood by USPS workingNew YorkSourceMaterial19/11/2020 09:33 PM1
118 mail-in ballots stolen from mailboxesArizonaSourceMaterial16/11/2020 09:01 PM3
1Found Navy ballot envelopes in the dumpster.GeorgiaSourceMaterial11/11/2020 10:20 PM1
1Discarded Mail-in Ballots Found Outside ATMCaliforniaSourceMaterial11/11/2020 10:16 PM1
5 – Voting Machine Irregularities
41,127 ballots wrongly labeled through technical glitchGeorgiaSourceDigital – Glitch18/11/2020 11:30 PM4
4Scanning results incorrect and officials unsure if it was hardware or softwareGeorgiaSourceDigital – Glitch18/11/2020 10:08 PM4
415,000 ballots found on flash drive after first being rejection by software filtersVirginiaSourceDigital – Glitch16/11/2020 08:51 PM4
4ES&S misrepresented their machines as EAC Certified to US officialsNationwideSourceDocument16/11/2020 11:10 AM4
4CISA only did a critical product evaluation (CPE) on some vendor supplied systemsNationwideSourceDocument16/11/2020 10:55 AM2
4Electronic voting unprotected, has little accountability and not transparentNationwideSourceExpert Witness14/11/2020 07:33 PM1
4Electronic voting systems rely on abandoned operating systems in PA countiesPennsylvaniaSourceDigital – Glitch14/11/2020 07:00 PM4
4Computer scientist proves voting systems can be hacked to steal votesNationwideSourceExpert Witness14/11/2020 06:35 PM4
4Dominion manual states high risk vulnerabilities, remedy is invalidate electionNationwideSourceDocument14/11/2020 06:22 PM4
3Dominion and Smartmatic have had contracts outside of public knowledgeNationwideSourceHistorical Context17/11/2020 12:14 PM2
3Voting machine “glitches” in Toronto election in CanadaNationwideSourceHistorical Context16/11/2020 11:08 AM3
3Litigation Smartmatic “glitches” alleges impacted in two Philippine electionsNationwideSourceHistorical Context14/11/2020 06:56 PM4
3CIA expert explains how most electronic voting isn’t secureNationwideSourceExpert Witness14/11/2020 06:42 PM3
3TX Officials rejected Dominion due to security concernsTexasSourceExpert Witness12/11/2020 09:37 PM4
36,000 unofficial votes incorrectly show as votes for other candidateMichiganSourceWitness11/11/2020 10:10 PM3
2Vulnerabilities give access to change the “Official” DatabasesNationwideSourceExpert Witness18/11/2020 09:28 PM2
2Votes erased from memory card and story withheld from pressMarylandSourceHistorical Context18/11/2020 08:19 PM3
2Dominion licenses it’s software to SmartmaticNationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video17/11/2020 12:08 PM4
21,127 ballots wrongly labeled through technical glitchMichiganSourceDigital – Glitch16/11/2020 10:15 PM2
293% of errors go unnoticed by users of ballot marking devices securityNationwideSourceStatistical16/11/2020 06:03 PM2
2Dominion Security Chief states he “made sure” Trump would not winNationwideSourceWitness16/11/2020 11:47 AM2
2Confidential: Smartmatic is web of holding companies, suspected of fraudNationwideSourceDocument16/11/2020 10:27 AM4
2Voting machine firm states Venezuela election rigged “without any doubt”NationwideSourceHistorical Context14/11/2020 06:48 PM3
2PA DoS requested a function from Dominion to re-mark and re-scan ballotsPennsylvaniaSourceDocument12/11/2020 10:20 PM3
1Chicago Election Board approved remote work for nonessenial employeesIllinoisSourcePhoto – Audio – Video21/11/2020 05:16 PM4
6 – General
430 times lower rejection rate for mail-in ballots than in 2016PennsylvaniaSourceStatistical16/11/2020 06:49 PM2
3“A person is not required to submit proof of citizenship” – Voter RegistrationArizonaSourceMaterial08/12/2020 09:05 PM4
3MN disabled public verification of ballot status, despite official instructionsMichiganSourceMaterial22/11/2020 03:32 PM4
284,108 mail-in ballots were not counted or invalidatedNew YorkSourceMaterial18/11/2020 07:35 PM2
2Dem Rep intimidates GOP Rep by insinuating his kids will become a public targetMichiganSourcePhoto – Audio – Video18/11/2020 04:30 PM3
220 seniors voted for a canidate under pressure from a care giverWisconsinSourceWitness16/11/2020 09:23 PM3
1Pollpad Wifi Available at Eaton Eletrical in Smyrna GAGeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video29/11/2020 08:14 PM1
1Voting machine found dumped in the woods in Fulton County, GA.GeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video29/11/2020 04:35 PM3
1Zuckerberg-Funded ‘Safe Elections’ Project gave $18m to PA districtsPennsylvaniaSourceMaterial22/11/2020 11:10 AM2
1Google searches for ‘election fraud punishment,’ increased ahead of electionNationwideSourceStatistical16/11/2020 10:33 PM1
12016: GA had evidence that DoHS IP address tried to hack voter databaseGeorgiaSourceHistorical Context14/11/2020 06:12 PM1
7 – Unverified new submissions
“Fact-Checker” that FALSELY claimed “suitcase” scandal debunked is China-FundedNationwideSourceDocument09/12/2020 12:45 AM
58,828 Pennsylvania Ballots Mailed and Returned on the same day & BDAY IssuesPennsylvaniaSourceStatistical08/12/2020 05:41 AM
KillChain: Documentary made by HBO for a hacker conference named DEF CONNationwideSourceDigital – Glitch08/12/2020 05:32 AM
Local Georgia Story About Pipe Burst Shows Pipe Fixed In AM Yet Counting StoppedGeorgiaSourceMaterial08/12/2020 05:27 AM
Georgia voting evidenceGeorgiaSourceDocument08/12/2020 04:12 AM
Citizen Files Writ of Mandamus Re: Washington State Chain of Custody VotingWashingtonSourceDocument08/12/2020 03:24 AM
Ruby code/script to show anomalies in Pennsylvania mailed/return datesPennsylvaniaSourceDocument08/12/2020 03:09 AM
1997 SCOTUS Ruling – Elections Undecided by Midnight are Void & Preempted…..NationwideSourceCourt Ruling08/12/2020 03:08 AM
Ruby code/script to help observe anomalies in NYT/Edison DataNationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video08/12/2020 03:08 AM
Trump Presidential address on election fraudNationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video08/12/2020 03:07 AM
Michigan state legislative hearingMichiganSourcePhoto – Audio – Video08/12/2020 03:04 AM
Individual at State Farm arena, Georgia, looked under special table and cheeredGeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video08/12/2020 03:00 AM
Parent company of DOMINION received $400 million from CHINESE GOVNationwideSourceDigital – Glitch08/12/2020 10:46 PM
Ruby freeman reloading loading tabulator with old ballotsNationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video08/12/2020 02:01 AM
Video Evidence of Freeman taking USB drive out slipping to daughterGeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video08/12/2020 07:15 PM This security computer can proveTexasSourcePhoto – Audio – Video08/12/2020 06:46 PM
Maine Absentee Voter File records neither accepted nor rejected is 3.449%MaineSourceStatistical08/12/2020 06:12 PM
Acting as if Trump is trying to stage a coup is the best way to ensure he won’t.NationwideSourceHistorical Context08/12/2020 06:11 PM
Maine Absentee Voter File records neither Accepted nor Rejected is 3.449%MaineSourceData for Analyzer08/12/2020 06:09 PM
Fulton,GA Election Director says over 93% of ballots scanned were adjudicatedGeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video08/12/2020 04:49 PM
video analyzing weird precise ratios of tabulation between trump and bidenNationwideSourceStatistical08/12/2020 03:32 PM
The ultimate evidenceNationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video08/12/2020 01:59 AM
Supreme Court ruling. elections must be determined election dayFloridaSourceCourt Ruling08/12/2020 12:32 AM
Hamburgler getting crazyWashingtonSourcePhoto – Audio – Video07/12/2020 09:33 AM
“We’re probably going to get CAUGHT…” Audio from GEORGIA THUMB-DRIVE THIEF!GeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video07/12/2020 03:06 AM
Portsmouth man pleads guilty to selling fraudulent boater education documentsVirginiaSourceWitness07/12/2020 10:08 PM
RUBY FREEMAN (GA Fraudster) INCRIMINATES HERSELF ON INSTAGRAM LIVEGeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video07/12/2020 09:38 PM
video that show ballot shipment from chinaNationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video07/12/2020 09:06 PM
Dominion Tabulator tried to steal Anterim County, Michigan – 11/06/2020MichiganSourceDocument07/12/2020 07:13 PM
Election officials committed audit transactions early in the vote tabulationPennsylvaniaSourceData for Analyzer07/12/2020 06:59 PM
Vote Total irregularity in NM: SOS website conflicts with photos of machine tapeNew MexicoSourcePhoto – Audio – Video07/12/2020 04:23 PM
Mail In Ballots were both requested & SUBMITTED in our names without our consentNew MexicoSourceWitness07/12/2020 03:31 PM
Election reportingNationwideSourceDocument07/12/2020 02:26 PM
Ruby and assoicate scanning ballotsGeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video07/12/2020 01:13 PM
Dominion employees deleting filesGeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video07/12/2020 12:44 PM
Statistical info presented in a yt video by Mr Reagan channel idk if you’ve seenPennsylvaniaSourceStatistical07/12/2020 12:12 PM
Black jacket/grey vest guy same guyGeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video07/12/2020 11:35 AM
Black jacket/grey vest guy pulls ballots out from under table and cheersGeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video07/12/2020 11:32 AM
Impossible statistics in Pennsylvania and other swing statesPennsylvaniaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video07/12/2020 10:43 AM
Dots connected in GA. Rigged elections for years.GeorgiaSourceHistorical Context07/12/2020 10:27 AM
Georgia State officials handling ballotsGeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video06/12/2020 08:32 AM
Fort Bend County goes blue in 2018, blue wave in 2020. Foreign voting servers.TexasSourceHistorical Context06/12/2020 05:54 AM
Chicago Union Board Coerced Members to Campaign for DemocratsIllinoisSourceWitness06/12/2020 04:53 AM
Applied as poll worker months ago -told it was full.Now all blue 76% more votes.TexasSourceData for Analyzer06/12/2020 04:52 AM
Why do PA vote totals vary so much? (Ex 6 of 6…w/CNN video)PennsylvaniaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video06/12/2020 04:33 AM
Why do PA vote totals vary so much? (Ex 5 of 6…w/CNN video)PennsylvaniaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video06/12/2020 04:32 AM
Why do PA vote totals vary so much? (Ex 4 of 6…w/CNN video)PennsylvaniaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video06/12/2020 04:30 AM
Why do PA vote totals vary so much? (Ex 3of 6…w/CNN video)PennsylvaniaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video06/12/2020 04:28 AM
Why do PA vote totals vary so much? (Ex 2 of 6…w/CNN video)PennsylvaniaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video06/12/2020 04:26 AM
Why do PA vote totals vary so much? (Ex 1 of 6…w/CNN video)PennsylvaniaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video06/12/2020 04:24 AM
Statement of factOhioSourceDocument06/12/2020 04:10 AM
IG User Admits to Creating Biden Ballots/Claims Dominion & Stacy Abraham Plan BGeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video06/12/2020 02:44 AM
How vote ratios were changed and locked on voting machines.NationwideSourceDigital – Glitch06/12/2020 07:45 PM
CPA auditing dominion machines in GA find algorithms favor bidenGeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video06/12/2020 07:43 PM
How election vote tallies were switched and lost.NationwideSourceDigital – Glitch06/12/2020 07:42 PM
Ruby Freeman and Others More Sus Than EverGeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video06/12/2020 05:46 PM
Ware County GA Recount Sample EvidenceGeorgiaSourceDocument06/12/2020 05:34 PM
Ware County, Ga has broken the Dominion algorithm:GeorgiaSourceExpert Witness06/12/2020 05:30 PM
Georgia Election Fraud Proof, Systematic Rebuttal of Official ExplanationsGeorgiaSourceDocument06/12/2020 04:39 PM
8 USB cards/laptop stolen from Philly election: Suspect from ATL USB handoff?PennsylvaniaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video06/12/2020 04:30 PM
40 page report Pennsylvania election fraud/planning written by PhD statisticiansPennsylvaniaSourceDocument06/12/2020 03:48 PM
Is this the guy that ordered the count stopped on election nightNationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video06/12/2020 03:36 PM
Over 500,000 Virginians sent incorrect absentee ballot by “non-profit”VirginiaSourceMaterial06/12/2020 03:34 PM
NBC report on hacking event in 2019 that included Dominions image scanWashingtonSourcePhoto – Audio – Video06/12/2020 02:48 PM
Ballot dumpingNationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video06/12/2020 12:18 PM
Video showing count flipPennsylvaniaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video06/12/2020 12:02 PM
March 21, 2014 – Affidavit of Jon S. AhernNationwideSourceExpert Witness06/12/2020 01:05 AM
March 20, 2014 – Declaration of Jack Blaine, Dominion and SmartmaticNationwideSourceWitness06/12/2020 01:02 AM
March 20, 2014 – Declaration of Harris N. Miller, see Harris Miller WikipediaNationwideSourceWitness06/12/2020 12:59 AM
March 20, 2014 – Declaration of Drew SunsteinNationwideSourceWitness06/12/2020 12:55 AM
March 3, 2019 – Declaration of Daniel DavidsonNationwideSourceWitness06/12/2020 12:52 AM
March 19, 2014 – Declaration of Angie Rogers, Commissioner of Elections for LALouisianaSourceWitness06/12/2020 12:51 AM
March 18, 2014 – Declaration of Kevin HurstNationwideSourceWitness06/12/2020 12:49 AM
June 3, 2010 – Special Meeting, SVS Board of Directors, Unanimous ConsentNationwideSourceDocument06/12/2020 12:46 AM
June 3, 2010 – Dominion Voting Systems Asset Purchase Agreement from SequoiaNationwideSourceDocument06/12/2020 12:44 AM
October 1, 2009 – ProDocumentSolutions Asset Purchase Agreement from SVSNationwideSourceDocument06/12/2020 12:42 AM
July 15, 2009 – Dominion Voting Systems Asset Purchase AgreementNationwideSourceDocument06/12/2020 12:41 AM
May 28, 2008 – Smartmatic Note Purchase AgreementNationwideSourceDocument06/12/2020 12:39 AM
November 5, 2007 – Smartmatic Transition Services AgreementNationwideSourceDocument06/12/2020 12:36 AM
November 5, 2007 – Smartmatic Promissory Note – $2,000,000.00NationwideSourceDocument06/12/2020 12:34 AM
November 5, 2007 – Smartmatic Product Distribution AgreementNationwideSourceDocument06/12/2020 12:33 AM
THEY STOLE MINNESOTA! they use something called the “2% strategy”.Heres how it wMinnesotaSourceExpert Witness06/12/2020 12:32 AM
September 18, 2007 – Stock Purchase Agreement, SVS Holdings, Sequoia, SmartmaticNationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video06/12/2020 12:26 AM
Live video mother to the blond offical counting ballots with no adressesGeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video06/12/2020 12:09 AM
UNITED STATES v. THROCKMORTON SCOTUS ruled fraud vitiates everythingNationwideSourceCourt Ruling05/12/2020 09:15 AM
Maricopa County Sheriffs found abondoned voting machines in bus in Buckeye, AZArizonaSourceExpert Witness05/12/2020 09:03 AM
Charges for Altering of Poll BooksMichiganSourceCourt Ruling05/12/2020 08:01 AM
PA Open Data- Requested, mailed and received ballots by dead people.PennsylvaniaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video05/12/2020 07:26 AM
BREAKING: 76 of 141 Republican Representatives in PA Send Letter to Congress AskPennsylvaniaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video05/12/2020 07:03 AM
Collection of social media post confessions made by Ruby Freeman, Fulton Cnty GAGeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video05/12/2020 05:27 AM
exposure of the vote shifting algorithm, the ratios and how it precinct hoppedPennsylvaniaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video05/12/2020 04:58 AM
Received absentee ballots which we did not request, have never requested.ArizonaSourceWitness05/12/2020 04:07 AM
Dallas County -Multiple Issues with Fraud and Elections RollsTexasSourceDigital – Glitch05/12/2020 04:07 AM
Dallas County Over 92% of PURGED In-Person and Absentee voters were over 65.TexasSourceStatistical05/12/2020 04:02 AM
Video proof of dismissing observers and then counting hidden ballotsGeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video05/12/2020 03:45 AM
New York has counties with voter registration rates in excess of 100%New YorkSourceStatistical05/12/2020 03:45 AM
Oregon has counties with voter registration rates exceeding 100%OregonSourceStatistical05/12/2020 03:43 AM
New Mexico has counties with voter registration rates exceeding 100%New MexicoSourceStatistical05/12/2020 03:41 AM
Nevada counties have voter registration rates exceeding 100%NevadaSourceStatistical05/12/2020 03:38 AM
Nebraska has counties with voter registration rates exceeding 100%NebraskaSourceStatistical05/12/2020 03:35 AM
Missouri has at least one county with voter registration rates exceeding 100%MissouriSourceStatistical05/12/2020 03:33 AM
Massachusetts has counties with voter registrations exceeding 100%MassachusettsSourceStatistical05/12/2020 03:30 AM
Kansas has at least one county with voter registrations rates exceeding 100%KansasSourceStatistical05/12/2020 03:27 AM
Iowas has counties with voter registration rates exceeding 100%IowaSourceStatistical05/12/2020 03:24 AM
Proof!!!!! Braided Woman (Shaye Freeman) with Jessica Corbitt-Dominguez- FultonNationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video05/12/2020 03:22 AM
Indiana has counties with registration rates higher than 100%IndianaSourceStatistical05/12/2020 03:21 AM
Many counties with voter registration rates exceeding 100%GeorgiaSourceStatistical05/12/2020 03:18 AM
Florida has many counties with registration rates exceeding 100%FloridaSourceStatistical05/12/2020 03:10 AM
Arkansas has at least one county with a registration rate over 100%ArkansasSourceStatistical05/12/2020 03:03 AM
mom to the blond hair girl counting votes in Georgia on the election night livGeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video05/12/2020 11:59 PM
GA-VIDEO: Evidence – Ruby (& Lady in Yellow) running stacks of ballots 3 Times.GeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video05/12/2020 10:39 PM
Motion for TRO in lawsuitGeorgiaSourceCourt Ruling05/12/2020 10:33 PM
Complaint in lawsuit, Lin Wood v. Georgia SOSGeorgiaSourceCourt Ruling05/12/2020 10:32 PM
Complaint in lawsuit, Pearson v. KempGeorgiaSourceCourt Ruling05/12/2020 10:30 PM
Smartmatic took down its pages for certification , services, technology and factNationwideSourceHistorical Context05/12/2020 08:50 PM
China paid Dominion’s owners $400m just before electionNationwideSourceDigital – Glitch05/12/2020 07:56 PM
Proof of fixing elections and proof of FBI and USDOJ coverup of election fraudCaliforniaSourceDocument05/12/2020 07:38 PM
Unidentified Objects over Texas Voting Stations, Leftist Corporation involvedTexasSourcePhoto – Audio – Video05/12/2020 05:52 PM
Ex 5of6: Trump PA vote decrease 29; Biden PA vote increase 5,267; Why? CNN 1208-PennsylvaniaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video05/12/2020 04:52 PM
Ex 4of6: Trump PA vote decrease 19,958; Biden PA vote increase 19,958; Why? CNNPennsylvaniaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video05/12/2020 04:51 PM
Ex 3of6: Trump PA vote decrease 120,494; Biden PA vote decrease 384,900; Why?CNNPennsylvaniaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video05/12/2020 04:50 PM
Ex 2of6: Trump PA vote decrease 113,870; Biden PA vote increase 17,372; Why? CNNPennsylvaniaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video05/12/2020 04:49 PM
Ex 1of6: Trump PA vote decrease 33,941; Biden PA vote decrease 193,301; Why? CNNPennsylvaniaSourcePhotoAudioVideo05/12/2020 04:48 PM
Poll worker secretly passes usb stickNationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video05/12/2020 02:40 PM
Ruby Freeman’s Mother’s Confession PostGeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video05/12/2020 12:56 PM
USB Handoff-Save before it gets deletedGeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video05/12/2020 01:40 AM
Dead people voted. I saw them exit their graves and voteArizonaSourceExpert Witness05/12/2020 01:35 AM
Canadians receiving texts, phone calls soliciting Biden votes & registratiNationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video05/12/2020 12:41 AM
Georgia poll worker reports several I’m proprietors he witnessedGeorgiaSourceWitness05/12/2020 12:26 AM
Tens of thousands of Georgia votes cast by non-residents or in the wrong county.GeorgiaSourceStatistical05/12/2020 12:07 AM
Visual of votes changing in a secondNationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video04/12/2020 06:09 AM
Detailed vote rigging demonstrationNationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video04/12/2020 06:00 AM
How to rig an election shows in depthNationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video04/12/2020 05:58 AM
Poll worker spilled coffee on ballot, threw ballot awayTexasSourceWitness04/12/2020 04:09 AM
Surveilance footage from Fulton when republicans told to leave for the nightGeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video04/12/2020 03:05 AM
Video showing election officials Ruby Shaye Freeman passing off USB driveGeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video04/12/2020 11:19 PM
Video of blonde with braids in AZ slipping USB drive to another personArizonaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video04/12/2020 11:05 PM
This is a captured instagram post deleted by Ruby Freeman (purple shirt lady)GeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video04/12/2020 10:41 PM
Video of poll worker with thousands of ballots, unsupervised, and entering dataGeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video04/12/2020 10:02 PM
Downloaded voter data of those 100+ years old. Investigate!MichiganSourceDocument04/12/2020 09:23 PM
Trump Cultists are making false claimsNationwideSourceExpert Witness04/12/2020 08:32 PM
Video shows poll workers pulling out suitcases of ballotsGeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video04/12/2020 02:49 AM
People filling in ballots for Biden one after the other on cameraPennsylvaniaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video04/12/2020 07:55 PM
Elections worker “Ruby” in Fulton County, GA, absentee ballots with no returnGeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video04/12/2020 07:18 PM
Shae and Ruby Freeman Disposing of Ballot Thumb DriveGeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video04/12/2020 07:18 PM
Compilation of evidence. Daily updatesNationwideSourceDocument04/12/2020 06:28 PM
KLoeffler bought $5M-$25M of Dominion stock on 3/13/20GeorgiaSourceHistorical Context04/12/2020 05:54 PM
Georgia Poll Workers Sneaking USB Drive – the Same Lady Who Sent People HomeGeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video04/12/2020 05:43 PM
Poll workers caught on video room cleared – suitcases full of ballotsGeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video04/12/2020 05:07 PM
Ruby Freeman shows mountain of GA Absentee Ballots with no return address addedGeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video04/12/2020 05:00 PM
Poll worker uses ballot to blow nose intoNationwideSourceExpert Witness04/12/2020 03:47 PM
Women from Georgia Video. Has 2 trays of ballots with no return address.GeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video04/12/2020 03:35 PM
GA Election Official has illegal ballots delivered for processingGeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video04/12/2020 03:33 PM
GA Election Official in Fulton shares video of illegal ballots being processedGeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video04/12/2020 03:29 PM
Poll Worker who counted unsupervised hands off USB to another woman and man 4:15NationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video04/12/2020 02:23 PM
Poll worker Ruby Freeman counting ballots without observers and no addressesGeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video04/12/2020 02:14 PM
Dominion Energy, Inc. paid Bill Barr, NOT Dominion Voting Systems, Corp.NationwideSourceHistorical Context04/12/2020 02:07 PM
I recently saw this put out abs hope that it is helpful to your causeWashingtonSourceMaterial04/12/2020 02:06 PM
List of deceased confirmed voters in PennsylvaniaPennsylvaniaSourceDocument04/12/2020 01:44 PM
“Election Fraud Punishment” trended on Google in swing states before election.NationwideSourceData for Analyzer04/12/2020 01:40 PM
IDENTIFIED: GA ELECTION FRAUD CRIMINALGeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video04/12/2020 01:36 PM
Video shows poll workers secretly passing USB drive to each other.GeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video04/12/2020 01:35 PM
Thousands of blank mail in ballots, and federal use only USPS trays in backroomsGeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video04/12/2020 12:27 PM
Maine Absentee Voter FileMaineSourceData for Analyzer04/12/2020 12:23 PM
Fake drop boxes were set up to eliminate unwanted votesCaliforniaSourceDocument04/12/2020 12:06 PM
Ruby Freeman? slips CCTV yellow braids USB drive?GeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video04/12/2020 11:44 AM
Georgia SoS Raffensperger chose firn in bed with Dominion to audit the companyGeorgiaSourceDocument04/12/2020 11:19 AM
Ruby Freeman of cctv fame with absentee Ballot envelopes with From addressGeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video04/12/2020 11:06 AM
Ruby Freeman Ballot Container With No Return Addresses In Fulton CountyGeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video04/12/2020 10:29 AM
Ruby Freeman Hands Over USB On Video 4:13 (Time Stamp) In Fulton CountyGeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video04/12/2020 10:24 AM
Ruby Freeman Talking Suspicious On Video (Fulton County)GeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video04/12/2020 10:20 AM
Google/AP calls Virginia for Biden on election night at 91,647 Trump leadVirginiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video04/12/2020 01:59 AM
342 797 votes still missing in Pennsylvania – based on 89% reporting on Nov 5PennsylvaniaSourceData for Analyzer04/12/2020 01:20 AM
universal id coming to americaMichiganSourceData for Analyzer04/12/2020 12:13 AM
Gwinnett County Tossed Out Batch FormsGeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video04/12/2020 12:08 AM
2nd Twitter Video with Chinese to Order US Election BallotsNationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video03/12/2020 04:24 AM
Twitter video of a Chinese order of 2020 US Election BallotsNationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video03/12/2020 04:22 AM
The Steal is Perpetrated by Anti-Trump RepublicansNationwideSourceDocument03/12/2020 11:58 PM
Evidence-Based ElectionsNationwideSourceDocument03/12/2020 11:56 PM
Grosse Point Woods, Michigan Send Legal Notice Demanding Service due to inoperabMichiganSourceDocument03/12/2020 11:53 PM
Kent Co.- Straight ticket + Pres/Vice votes exceeds registered voters by 73,920MichiganSourceStatistical03/12/2020 11:34 PM
Voting System FailuresNationwideSourceDocument03/12/2020 11:31 PM
inside video at polling site from Team Trump……GeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video03/12/2020 11:19 PM
Footage of Ballot Counting after hoursGeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video03/12/2020 10:03 PM
Patrick Byrne via a video lays out the statistical and data evidenceNationwideSourceStatistical03/12/2020 02:56 AM
Election Glitch(trump loss????)NevadaSourceStatistical03/12/2020 02:11 AM
Georgia vote counters sent home while 4 stay back and pull out hidden ballotsGeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video03/12/2020 07:58 PM
Thousands of Ballots hidden under table and taken out after room clearedMichiganSourcePhoto – Audio – Video03/12/2020 07:25 PM
Virginia Man, Josh Hawley, used sister’s address to vote in MissouriMissouriSourceMaterial03/12/2020 07:22 PM
Loyola University – what would happen with a contested 2020 elect= template?WashingtonSourceDocument03/12/2020 07:01 PM
Mayor DiBlasio’s daughter saying Biden was able to steal the election.WashingtonSourcePhoto – Audio – Video03/12/2020 06:43 PM
ajmuckler@gmail.comPennsylvaniaSourceDigital – Glitch03/12/2020 06:23 PM
China Involved With Phony BallotsNationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video03/12/2020 06:14 PM
Structured Statistical Anomalies in Multiple States Indicative of Vote SwitchingNationwideSourceStatistical03/12/2020 04:20 PM
Indiana voters wait in long lines through fields, fairgrounds after hoursIndianaSourceDocument03/12/2020 04:19 PM
Thousand of Fake/Manipulated Ballots Found During WI County RecountWisconsinSourceStatistical03/12/2020 04:07 PM
Data expert: Vote tabulations in PA, GA show ‘anomalies’–Trump missing votes:GeorgiaSourceExpert Witness03/12/2020 04:04 PM
Witness Testifies at PA Election Hearing: Voting Machines ‘Built to Be ManipulatPennsylvaniaSourceExpert Witness03/12/2020 04:03 PM
Pennsylvania Bombshell: Biden 99.4% vs. Trump 0.6%PennsylvaniaSourceExpert Witness03/12/2020 04:02 PM
Michigan Illegally Counted or Ignored 500K Ballots, Lawsuit Claims:NationwideSourceCourt Ruling03/12/2020 03:59 PM
Whistleblowers reveal massive election fraud, hundreds of thousands of ballotsNationwideSourceWitness03/12/2020 03:52 PM
Nevada just got interesting: 40,000 ballots look fraudulentNevadaSourceMaterial03/12/2020 03:42 PM
Law college paper detailing the 2020 election fraud PLANNationwideSourceDocument03/12/2020 03:40 PM
Whistleblowers claim USPS threw out, backdated ballots before election:NationwideSourceWitness03/12/2020 03:39 PM
280,000 Ballots ‘Disappeared’ Overnight with Trailer—USPS Whistleblower:KansasSourceWitness03/12/2020 03:37 PM
President Trump Tweets a Troubling Video Allegedly Showing Gifts for VotingNationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video03/12/2020 03:26 PM
Illegal Money-for-Votes Raffles Conducted in Several States in 2020 ElectionNationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video03/12/2020 03:23 PM
City of Richmond has zero listed absentee or provisional voters.VirginiaSourceStatistical03/12/2020 03:21 PM
Statistician Reveals How Pennsylvania Democrats Used Fake Voter RegistrationNationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video03/12/2020 03:20 PM
Donald Trump has a tiny cockGeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video03/12/2020 03:18 PM
0 votes counted for Bexar countyTexasSourceStatistical03/12/2020 02:33 PM
Voter Integrity Fund’ Voter Analysis after the Election in MICHIGANMichiganSourceStatistical03/12/2020 01:53 PM
Pennsylvania State Legislature Holds Public Hearing on 2020 ElectionPennsylvaniaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video03/12/2020 01:42 PM
Arizona’s legislature public hearing presenting witness accountsArizonaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video03/12/2020 01:39 PM
UPS, FedEx warn they cannot carry ballots like U.S. Postal ServiceNationwideSourceMaterial03/12/2020 01:15 PM
John Oliver outlines severe flaws in voting machines used in the United StatesNationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video03/12/2020 12:22 PM
Tabulators incapable of processing the numbers submitted during 3am and 6amMichiganSourceDigital – Glitch03/12/2020 01:28 AM
this is interestingNevadaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video03/12/2020 12:58 AM
Analysis of philly precinct Level vote Reporting Uncovers clear algorithmsPennsylvaniaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video03/12/2020 12:42 AM
War Games Proj Dec ‘19 then renamed Transition Integrity Project-dated June 2020 p1NationwideSourceDocument03/12/2020 12:00 AM
War Games Proj Dec ‘19 then renamed Transition Integrity Project-dated June 2020 p2NationwideSourceDocument03/12/2020 12:00 AM
USPS truck driver takes ballots from NY to Pennsylvania, which then disappear.PennsylvaniaSourceWitness02/12/2020 09:17 AM
Dominion ownership treeNationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video02/12/2020 09:14 AM
Hundreds of mail in ballots found dumped in a recycling bin in Macomb County, MIMichiganSourceDocument02/12/2020 08:50 AM
MI needs a forensic audit.MichiganSourcePhoto – Audio – Video02/12/2020 07:50 AM
Refer to attached video: Edward Solomon reverse-engineered the Dominion VotingMinnesotaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video02/12/2020 07:28 AM
WATCH LIVE… USPS WHISTLEBLOWERS COME FORWARD: Driver Delivered Hundreds of ThousNationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video02/12/2020 07:26 AM
Dominion Tech Video – USB and Hacking VulnerabilityNationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video02/12/2020 06:17 AM
Kids able to hack replica state voting at the DEFCON 26 mtg in 2018NationwideSourceHistorical Context02/12/2020 05:30 AM
Dominion Contractor. There is an avenue for fraud.NationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video02/12/2020 05:24 AM
There is no chain of custody for digital ballots.MichiganSourcePhoto – Audio – Video02/12/2020 05:24 AM
Video of Georgia Secretary of State Office Shipping Absentee Ballots Via UPSGeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video02/12/2020 05:05 AM
Video shows PA vote flip Trump to Biden Live on CNNPennsylvaniaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video02/12/2020 04:44 AM
Military Ballots photocopied all for BidenMichiganSourceDocument02/12/2020 08:47 PM
2:40 Disguising PO Boxes as ApartmentsNationwideSourceMaterial02/12/2020 08:39 PM
5:20 Possible Fraud Through BallotsNationwideSourceMaterial02/12/2020 08:39 PM
6:50 Tactics Repeated Across StatesNationwideSourceMaterial02/12/2020 08:39 PM
8:00 What Vote Fraud Data Shows UsNationwideSourceMaterial02/12/2020 08:39 PM
10:22 Discovered Fraud Could Flip StatesNationwideSourceMaterial02/12/2020 08:39 PM
13:15 Data Represents Hard EvidenceNationwideSourceMaterial02/12/2020 08:39 PM
14:15 Questionable Methods for RecountsNationwideSourceMaterial02/12/2020 08:39 PM
Parent co. of Dominion received 400 Mil from ChiComs 10/8/20.NationwideSourceDocument02/12/2020 07:56 PM
Smartmatic presentation to GeorgiaGeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video02/12/2020 06:45 PM
Poll book tablet gel-like surface prevented applying a legible signatureNew YorkSourceWitness02/12/2020 06:40 PM
Eric Coomer sales presentation on Dominion Voting Machine to PennsylvaniaNationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video02/12/2020 06:20 PM
Poll-watcher views USBs uploaded without supervisionPennsylvaniaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video02/12/2020 06:05 PM
Dominion contractor has ballots on thumb drive weeks before electionNationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video02/12/2020 05:03 PM
Absentte ballots found in ditch causing 1,390 invalid votes to BidenGeorgiaSourceWitness02/12/2020 04:43 PM
Bob Piton #2: Registered “Undisclosed Sex” voters vote impossibly high rate 97%ArizonaSourceExpert Witness02/12/2020 03:58 PM
Were Trump votes changed to Biden votes in PA?PennsylvaniaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video02/12/2020 03:28 PM
Were Dominion machines rigged?NationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video02/12/2020 03:27 PM
Organizational chartNationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video02/12/2020 02:55 PM
Claims apparently made by Newt GingrichPennsylvaniaSourceExpert Witness02/12/2020 02:47 PM
Ballot harvesting by Congresswoman OmarMinnesotaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video02/12/2020 12:11 PM
Dominion whistleblower USB Drive possession and capabilitiesMichiganSourceWitness02/12/2020 10:40 AM
Voting machines are susceptible to occasional random bit flips dueNationwideSourceDigital – Glitch02/12/2020 10:36 AM
Donald Trump won the election, everybody’s saying itNationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video02/12/2020 01:23 AM
Possible antifa spotted tampering with ballots.NationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video02/12/2020 12:34 AM
Scytl Bulletin: 2019 EU Election Night Reporting – Servers in Frankfurt GermanyNationwideSourceDocument01/12/2020 09:56 AM
Court Filing 2013 Smartmatic/DominionDelawareSourceCourt Ruling01/12/2020 08:01 AM
Microsoft encloses the software so error testing is wrongArizonaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video01/12/2020 07:14 AM
Eric Coomer Anti Trump LashoutNationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video01/12/2020 05:39 AM
Dominion Employee uploading fraudulatnt ballots from USBNationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video01/12/2020 04:42 AM
Dominion employee uploading fraudulant ballotsNationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video01/12/2020 04:40 AM
Dominion USB Data Manipulation VideoGeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video01/12/2020 04:00 AM
Dominion’s staff use USB key to manipulate data, then palm the key. Part 2 of 2.GeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video01/12/2020 03:25 AM
Dominion’s staff use USB key to manipulate data, then palm the key. Part 1 of 2.GeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video01/12/2020 03:23 AM
Gwinnett County Dominion Rep Tabulating Ballots & Certifying ResultsGeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video01/12/2020 02:48 AM
Dominion employee tabulating ballots clandestinely uses USB driveGeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video01/12/2020 02:17 PM
Eric Coomer worked for Sequoia voting.CaliforniaSourceDocument01/12/2020 01:40 PM
In 2017 CNN Examines Voting Machine VulnerabilitiesNationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video01/12/2020 12:58 PM
Votes illegally paid forNationwideSourceDocument01/12/2020 12:43 PM
Antrim Michigan vote switch remained in placeMichiganSourceDigital – Glitch01/12/2020 10:56 AM
Georgia – video- dominion voting being hacked by guy using USB driveGeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video01/12/2020 10:37 AM
SEC filing, State Street Capital/Foreign DonationDelawareSourceDocument01/12/2020 10:32 AM
154m votes for Pres, US Dept Census 2019 shows 157.5m registeredNationwideSourceStatistical01/12/2020 10:29 AM
1st time, registered voters turned away at pollsLouisianaSourceDocument30/11/2020 09:41 AM
Nashton Garret Tennessee Resident Unsolicited Mail in Ballot Maricopa County.ArizonaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video30/11/2020 08:16 AM
Video: Bags of ballots being delivered from personal car to rental truckFloridaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video30/11/2020 07:59 AM
NC Chief Justice goes door to door after election to cure ballotsNorth CarolinaSourceDocument30/11/2020 07:42 AM
X’S MARK 12 BIGGEST THEFT >4% FOR 6915 VOTES in Georgia. PNG,CSV,LOG. revised.GeorgiaSourceStatistical30/11/2020 07:40 AM
NC votes added after deadlineNorth CarolinaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video30/11/2020 07:20 AM
Witnessed 2 Election officials acknowledging “1ERROR MESSAGE w Sad face icon”VirginiaSourceWitness30/11/2020 06:30 AM
Statistical anomilies for BidenPennsylvaniaSourceStatistical30/11/2020 04:59 AM
Biden wins 100% of Registered Democrats & IndependentsPennsylvaniaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video30/11/2020 04:55 AM
BLACK X’S MARK 8 BIGGEST THEFT >4% FOR 85249 VOTES in Colorado. See PNG,CSV,LOGColoradoSourceStatistical30/11/2020 04:19 AM
FB post reporting unsolicited ballot information received.PennsylvaniaSourceMaterial30/11/2020 10:19 PM
voting machines dumped in GeorgiaGeorgiaSourceDocument30/11/2020 09:37 PM
256,593 votes switched from Trump to Biden in PAPennsylvaniaSourceDigital – Glitch30/11/2020 09:14 PM
8:37:30transcribing ballots no supervision.8:45:27-demeanor 9:37:27-video editedGeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video30/11/2020 02:06 AM
Michigan Illegally Counted or Ignored 500K Ballots, Lawsuit ClaimsMichiganSourceWitness30/11/2020 07:15 PM
Kamala harris is in with dominion votingNationwideSourceDocument30/11/2020 06:28 PM
Election Workers Instructed to Overwrite Backup Data (see pg. 18)MichiganSourceDocument30/11/2020 05:51 PM
Here. Enjoy. Massive fraud in many ways. It is not even debatable at this point.GeorgiaSourceWitness30/11/2020 03:08 PM
Suppression Black & Hispanic teens encouraged at court house to vote Trump outIllinoisSourceWitness30/11/2020 02:24 PM
2014 security audit flags Dominion Voting software as a trojanCaliforniaSourceDocument30/11/2020 01:15 PM
False claims of fraud flood news outletsNationwideSourceExpert Witness30/11/2020 12:37 PM
Trump encourages voters to illegally vote twiceNationwideSourceExpert Witness30/11/2020 12:35 PM
Voter caught submitting illegal second vote for Donald TrumpIowaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video30/11/2020 12:32 PM
Vote Counting Software is Susceptible to HackingGeorgiaSourceHistorical Context30/11/2020 11:47 AM
2019 Georgia procurement office review of voting systemsGeorgiaSourceDocument30/11/2020 11:25 AM
3D map illustrating depth of election fraud to an average AmericanNationwideSourceDocument30/11/2020 11:13 AM
Washington state votes from the deadWashingtonSourcePhoto – Audio – Video30/11/2020 11:12 AM
Dominion paid Barr $1.2 million in cash, another $1.1 million in stock awards,NationwideSourceHistorical Context30/11/2020 01:02 AM
Person that passed away 10 years ago registered in NYNew YorkSourcePhoto – Audio – Video30/11/2020 12:25 AM
Proof that the Democratic Party planned in advance the election fraud.NationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video30/11/2020 12:05 AM
The president of the united states is claiming fraud without proofVirginiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video30/11/2020 12:00 AM
Ballot Counters being told to cheatMichiganSourcePhoto – Audio – Video29/11/2020 09:14 AM
Open Letter to F.B.I. – Vote Fraud in VermontVermontSourceWitness29/11/2020 08:34 AM
Dominion used in Vermont to practice fraud for years,!VermontSourceWitness29/11/2020 08:30 AM
Georgia 700 votes switched on TVGeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video29/11/2020 08:19 AM
YouTube Video with Elections data analysisPennsylvaniaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video29/11/2020 08:12 AM
Ballot Box Stuffing – Twitter Video – Downloaded to Local PC, if neededPennsylvaniaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video29/11/2020 03:35 AM
News Article 2017 Georgia election server wiped after suit filedGeorgiaSourceHistorical Context29/11/2020 11:41 PM
Pennsylvania political operatives bought ~300,000 fake election ballots from mobPennsylvaniaSourceDocument29/11/2020 11:14 PM
Election official discussing getting 7appl per person for a mail-in ballotTexasSourcePhoto – Audio – Video29/11/2020 11:07 PM
poll workers filled out straight democrat ballotsMichiganSourceWitness29/11/2020 10:33 PM
Pollworker Training Gave Advice Against Michigan RegulationsMichiganSourceWitness29/11/2020 10:31 PM
ZOOM GA elec officials update hand recount of ballots cast presidential raceGeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video29/11/2020 09:05 PM
Multiple examples of election fraudNationwideSourceWitness29/11/2020 02:44 AM
139 unexplained discrepancies in Clark County Commission raceGeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video29/11/2020 05:41 PM
Disavowed Smartmatic relationship with Dominion Voting systems is challengedCaliforniaSourceHistorical Context29/11/2020 05:31 PM
Dominion employee (worked for Kamala Harris) worked at polls?GeorgiaSourceDocument29/11/2020 05:16 PM
Real Time Vote Data shows Deduction from Trump and Addition to Biden in FloridaFloridaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video29/11/2020 04:26 PM
Macron has stolen the french election by using fraudulent voting systemsNationwideSourceDigital – Glitch29/11/2020 04:22 PM
Benny Smith expert on voting software fraudMichiganSourceExpert Witness29/11/2020 04:15 PM
Software changing names, over 30+, no one voted as RashadTexasSourceExpert Witness29/11/2020 03:55 PM
Vote By Mail Fraud On TapeTexasSourcePhoto – Audio – Video29/11/2020 03:42 PM
Software Changing Voters – Dallas, TXTexasSourcePhoto – Audio – Video29/11/2020 03:16 PM
Biden Campaign Operative, Texas State Senator Accused of Mail-in Ballot FraudTexasSourceWitness29/11/2020 02:54 PM
Service dog registered as human mail-in voter voted in electionNationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video29/11/2020 02:36 PM
WeChat Video of Chinese printing premade fraud ballots to ship to the USNationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video29/11/2020 02:30 PM
Sequoia website w/hack videos & see Manufacturers Profile at bottomArizonaSourceHistorical Context29/11/2020 02:24 PM
Nebraska Dist 2 Omaha “glitch” of 29,737 votes at 11-07 00:47:23Z per NYT EdisonNebraskaSourceDigital – Glitch29/11/2020 01:58 PM
Michigan votes statistically suspectMichiganSourceStatistical29/11/2020 01:10 PM
Host Steven Crowder registered in TWO DIFFERENT states. Someone else got ballotNationwideSourceWitness29/11/2020 12:30 PM
Detroit poll workers taught how to thwart poll watchersMichiganSourceWitness29/11/2020 11:41 AM
CA couple had ballots cast in their nameCaliforniaSourceDocument29/11/2020 11:17 AM
Anomalies in Vote Counts and Their Effect on Election 2020MichiganSourceStatistical29/11/2020 11:16 AM
State of Texas refuses to allow voting because malfeasanceTexasSourceExpert Witness29/11/2020 10:53 AM
Computer Programmer Testifies Under Oath He Coded Computers to Rig ElectionsNationwideSourceHistorical Context29/11/2020 10:34 AM
This is a deposition of a Dominion contractor/employee in GA.GeorgiaSourceDocument29/11/2020 10:22 AM
Lawsuit against Zuckerberg’s Non Profit for giving $6 million in Fulton CountyGeorgiaSourceDocument29/11/2020 10:18 AM
Clinton Eugene Curtis – Programmer Under Oath Admits Computers Rig ElectionsNationwideSourceHistorical Context29/11/2020 10:10 AM
Shown Dead Michigan VotersMichiganSourceDocument29/11/2020 12:55 AM
MI Contract for Dominion SoftwareMichiganSourcePhoto – Audio – Video29/11/2020 12:16 AM
Warren, Klobuchar, Wyden, and Pocan Investigate Election Technology IndustryNationwideSourceHistorical Context28/11/2020 09:44 AM
PA gives injunctive relief 11/27PennsylvaniaSourceCourt Ruling28/11/2020 08:35 AM
Cris Ericson files VT “FOIA” request to William Barr, US Att Gen.VermontSourceWitness28/11/2020 08:13 AM
Ballot received not accepted nor rejected as of 11/28/20New JerseySourceMaterial28/11/2020 08:12 AM
Trump ballot torn upMichiganSourcePhoto – Audio – Video28/11/2020 06:01 AM
the evidence is out!GeorgiaSourceDocument28/11/2020 10:35 PM
Doc – re: report on Sequoia hacking threatArizonaSourceDocument28/11/2020 09:34 PM
Wikileaks Sequoia hacking informationArizonaSourceHistorical Context28/11/2020 09:33 PM
Pt.2 “Hack a Sequoia Advantage with Andrew Appel”ArizonaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video28/11/2020 09:30 PM
“Hack a Sequoia Advantage with Andrew Appel”ArizonaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video28/11/2020 09:28 PM
Just like Biden: Chavez was losing on election night…NationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video28/11/2020 09:25 PM
Article – re: Dominion and E-votes awarded wrong candid (Poulos/Singh disagree)ArizonaSourceHistorical Context28/11/2020 09:24 PM
Wrong Date P. 12 MI Gov. Whitmer Case showing March, S/B November?MichiganSourceStatistical28/11/2020 09:19 PM
Legal documents : dominion , gov Sisolak & sec of state 4/2020NevadaSourceDocument28/11/2020 08:55 PM
Fulton Cty Brd mtg 11/13 – C vid @ 1:38.28,Bluecrest not used verify signatureGeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video28/11/2020 08:27 PM
EvidenceNationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video28/11/2020 02:09 AM
Michigan Voting Machine Cheating RevealedMichiganSourceDigital – Glitch28/11/2020 06:41 PM
10,813 ballots harvested prior to legal start date of early votingWisconsinSourceDocument28/11/2020 06:00 PM
Video of ballots being opened from Chinese mail service SF ExpressGeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video28/11/2020 05:53 PM
City of Madison engaged in ballots harvesting and illegal early voting.WisconsinSourceDocument28/11/2020 05:42 PM
1326 dead voter ballots receivedMichiganSourceDocument28/11/2020 05:23 PM
Nevada CD3 voter registration list irregularitiesNevadaSourceStatistical28/11/2020 05:18 PM
2015: Smartmatic Founders w/ Maduro on Venezuelan Diplomatic Trip to ChinaNationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video28/11/2020 04:52 PM
Neighbor in Idaho got thank you email from Georgia for voting-Never lived there.GeorgiaSourceWitness28/11/2020 04:28 PM
Video shows illegal vote transferKentuckySourcePhoto – Audio – Video28/11/2020 04:25 PM
Phone Call of Chinese Manufacture requesting bulk order of fake US 2020 ballotsNationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video28/11/2020 03:20 PM
X MARKS 22 SPOTS OF THEFT = 3393 VOTES, OR 1% OF ALL WAYNE COUNTY, MI VOTESMichiganSourceStatistical28/11/2020 02:48 PM
Smartmatic Chairman admits in 2015 that they license Dominion IP.NationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video28/11/2020 12:51 PM
President of GhanaNationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video28/11/2020 12:30 PM
MallochBrown vid admitting Dominion licensed Smartmatic re Philippine ElectionsMichiganSourcePhoto – Audio – Video28/11/2020 12:22 PM
Computer vote counting fraudKentuckySourceDigital – Glitch28/11/2020 11:29 AM
Demonstration of computer fraudPennsylvaniaSourceDigital – Glitch28/11/2020 11:28 AM
William Hartmann’s Affidavit Rescinding Certification Vote, Wayne CountyMichiganSourceDocument28/11/2020 10:58 AM
Thousands of votes recounted in WINebraskaSourceMaterial28/11/2020 10:58 AM
Monica Palmer’s Affidavit Rescinding Certification Vote, Wayne County (Detroit)MichiganSourceDocument28/11/2020 10:55 AM
David A. Kellman’s Lawsuit in MIMichiganSourceDocument28/11/2020 10:44 AM
Eric Coomer’s Ties With Antifa (Video)NationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video28/11/2020 10:44 AM
L. Lin Wood’s Lawsuit in GAGeorgiaSourceDocument28/11/2020 10:41 AM
Voter intimidationPennsylvaniaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video28/11/2020 10:29 AM
Lord-Malloch-Brown-Revealed-The-British-Hand-Behind-The-US-ElectionFloridaSourceHistorical Context28/11/2020 01:18 AM
Department of Commerce given report in 2010 about DominionMichiganSourceDocument27/11/2020 09:56 AM
SCORECARD VOTE FLIP. EVIDENCE FROM TOWN CLERKMaineSourcePhoto – Audio – Video27/11/2020 09:09 AM
the Constitution says only white men are allowed to voteNationwideSourceDocument27/11/2020 11:54 PM
MEMORANDUM OPINION BY JUDGE McCULLOUGH enjoins further certification PAPennsylvaniaSourceDocument27/11/2020 11:50 PM
YesPennsylvaniaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video27/11/2020 11:32 PM
Election fraudMichiganSourceDocument27/11/2020 11:19 PM
Exhibit 6 to Schedule A Michigan QVF Export File FormatNationwideSourceDocument27/11/2020 10:54 PM
Exhibit 5 to Schedule A Sample Ballots and Reports Dominion Voting SystemsNationwideSourceDocument27/11/2020 10:52 PM
Stein Recount legal win in Wisconsin, examination of voting machine softwareGeorgiaSourceCourt Ruling27/11/2020 10:52 PM
Michigan Data Analysis Suggests Absentee Ballots Manipulated by Computer AlgoMichiganSourceStatistical27/11/2020 10:22 PM
100,000 vote dump for Biden live on CNN shocks CNN hostsWisconsinSourcePhoto – Audio – Video27/11/2020 09:45 PM
Support Diebold trying to hide B’43 donations, Why? wiki tracker. wired caughtNationwideSourceDocument27/11/2020 09:42 PM
Diebold (ES&S) connected to DVS (Dominion) Part 2: Obama/Sequoia Urosevich/ScytlNationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video27/11/2020 09:38 PM
Diebold (ES&S) connected to DVS (Dominion) Part 1 – mergers and acquisitionsNationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video27/11/2020 09:22 PM
75,000 VOTE SHIFT FROM TRUMP TO BIDEN IN BUCKS COUNTY PENNSYLVANIAPennsylvaniaSourceStatistical27/11/2020 09:16 PM
10-30-20 Jill Stein won court case to examine ESS (Dominion) SourceCodeNationwideSourceCourt Ruling27/11/2020 09:12 PM
Fraud Documents ListNationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video27/11/2020 08:42 PM
Some people in Minnesota were given 2 ballotsMinnesotaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video27/11/2020 08:40 PM
In a city in Minnesota people were given 2 ballotsMinnesotaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video27/11/2020 08:36 PM
Inventor of EMAILsays likely 69.000 votes transferred to Biden in MichiganMichiganSourcePhoto – Audio – Video27/11/2020 02:56 AM
Fraction Magic – Detailed Vote Rigging Demonstration (Gems/Dominion)NationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video27/11/2020 02:39 AM
Air Force General Exposes CIA Vote HackingNationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video27/11/2020 02:15 AM
PBS News – GA new voting machine solving problems or making them worseNationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video27/11/2020 02:12 AM
Michigan 2020 Voting Analysis ReportMichiganSourceStatistical27/11/2020 06:50 PM
I was obstructed by Election Officials from doing my job @ Milwaukee recountWisconsinSourcePhoto – Audio – Video27/11/2020 06:40 PM
Fake Ballots printed in ChinaNationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video27/11/2020 05:59 PM
Vote Shift – 3rd Party to Biden NOV 7 09:01:45 MST 5,842 votesArizonaSourceDigital – Glitch27/11/2020 05:01 PM
Incongruent data in Wayne, Michigan. Evidence of fraud (different approach)MichiganSourceStatistical27/11/2020 04:08 PM
Active Internet connections potentially influencing election softwareNationwideSourceExpert Witness27/11/2020 03:49 PM
Report and excel spreadsheet results flipped or deleted state by stateNationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video27/11/2020 03:33 PM
My NM voting record shows me voting at least 4 times when I did not.New MexicoSourceWitness27/11/2020 03:31 PM
Over 166k votes cast w/99.5% accepted. +95% voted Biden, 3.5% voted Trump.MichiganSourcePhoto – Audio – Video27/11/2020 03:17 PM
Invalid ballots thrown outMichiganSourceWitness27/11/2020 01:19 PM
Trump 1,690,582 changes to 1,670,631 LOOSING 19,958 v. while Biden gains the samPennsylvaniaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video27/11/2020 12:33 PM
Jose MorenoNationwideSourceDocument27/11/2020 12:15 PM
Chinapost deliveries of ballotsGeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video27/11/2020 11:45 AM
They knew that SHARPIEs cause a problem! Texas Gov’t 2019 report.ArizonaSourceDocument27/11/2020 10:29 AM
global extermination by 2025 = global bloodbath massacre.CaliforniaSourceHistorical Context27/11/2020 01:57 AM
Four anomalous vote dumps changed everythingNationwideSourceExpert Witness26/11/2020 07:29 AM
NV Judge Agrees to Hear Evidence of Alleged Voter FraudNevadaSourceCourt Ruling26/11/2020 03:25 AM
More registered voters than voting age populationMichiganSourceStatistical26/11/2020 03:15 AM
Recorded Call 5 Million ILLEGAL Ballots Secretly Printed In CHINA.NationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video26/11/2020 10:13 PM
Swiss Post knew of Scytl probs but did not revealNationwideSourceHistorical Context26/11/2020 08:50 PM
Michael Steel [ Dominion] HamiltonPlaceStrategiesWashingtonSourceMaterial26/11/2020 08:45 PM
Scytl inventors Andreu Riera and Jordi PuiggalíNationwideSourceMaterial26/11/2020 08:05 PM
Michael Steel – Dominion Spokesperson.WashingtonSourceMaterial26/11/2020 07:56 PM
Concerning Mr Sean Shine of Paragon group and Mr Peter Holmes of Scytl.NationwideSourceHistorical Context26/11/2020 07:52 PM
Number of total votes Biden received in Montgomery county is out of boundsPennsylvaniaSourceStatistical26/11/2020 07:49 PM
Nutley NJ GOP Poll Watcher Witnessed Ballot TamperingNew JerseySourcePhoto – Audio – Video26/11/2020 07:19 PM
1,333 mail in ballots were sent to centennial voters in Wayne County –MichiganSourceDocument26/11/2020 06:33 PM
You’re gonna want to see thisNationwideSourceExpert Witness26/11/2020 05:38 PM
Link to Chinese Ballot FraudNationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video26/11/2020 05:18 PM
Video from China of forged ballots for Biden and DemocratsMichiganSourcePhoto – Audio – Video26/11/2020 05:16 PM
Lady voted twice for Trump.MichiganSourcePhoto – Audio – Video26/11/2020 04:39 PM
Giuliani found bags ballots from PA that had voted for Trump in UkrainePennsylvaniaSourceMaterial26/11/2020 01:43 PM
Big Chungus got 4,000 votesNationwideSourceWitness26/11/2020 01:21 PM
Attorneys in Georgia went to homes to cure ballots and posted an alert on FBGeorgiaSourceWitness26/11/2020 12:48 PM
Voting machines were misconfigured and deleted Trump votesPennsylvaniaSourceStatistical26/11/2020 12:32 PM
These shit eatersGeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video26/11/2020 12:30 PM
My dead brother voted in Wayne County, MIMichiganSourceExpert Witness26/11/2020 12:28 PM
Double voting in DetroitNorth CarolinaSourceDocument26/11/2020 12:25 PM
Obama tied to election corruptionNationwideSourceExpert Witness26/11/2020 12:00 PM
4 years of evidence gathering on the Deepstate Global CabalNationwideSourceHistorical Context26/11/2020 11:57 AM
Smartmatic in Philippines 4NationwideSourceHistorical Context26/11/2020 10:58 AM
Recordings of Poll Workers being instructed on how to cheatMichiganSourcePhoto – Audio – Video26/11/2020 10:42 AM
Smartmatic in Philippines 3 hash code shows they can access voting machinesNationwideSourceHistorical Context26/11/2020 10:38 AM
Smartmatic in Philippines 2NationwideSourceHistorical Context26/11/2020 10:36 AM
Ballots found in a garbage canMichiganSourcePhoto – Audio – Video26/11/2020 10:32 AM
Dominion granted HSBC (China) a security interest in all intellectual propertyFloridaSourceDocument26/11/2020 12:06 AM
HSBC Dominion System used as collateralNew YorkSourceDocument25/11/2020 09:47 AM
State Canvassers were threatened with felonies if they voted noMichiganSourceDocument25/11/2020 09:41 AM
Email from Mackler to Brazille and Soros_fixing machinesNationwideSourceDocument25/11/2020 09:02 AM
150k Potentially Fraudulent Ballots Identified in WisconsinWisconsinSourceDocument25/11/2020 08:16 AM
Fraud in WI, MI and GANationwideSourceStatistical25/11/2020 07:58 AM
Michigan Supreme Court moves to Evidentiary HearingsMichiganSourceCourt Ruling25/11/2020 07:36 AM
11/24/2020 Voter Integrity Project: Findings and Conclusions (42 min)NationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video25/11/2020 07:33 AM
Amistad Project files emergency petition challenging 150,000 votesWisconsinSourceDocument25/11/2020 07:33 AM
Amistad Project challenges 150,000 potentially fraudulent ballotsWisconsinSourceMaterial25/11/2020 07:31 AM
NEVADA: 140K NON-CITIZENS RECEIVED MAIL-IN-BALLOTS.NevadaSourceMaterial25/11/2020 07:22 AM
Maricopa AZ Elections director said sharpies don’t work but required sharpiesArizonaSourceDocument25/11/2020 10:43 PM
Nevada Judge agreed to let the Trump campaign present evidence of fraudNevadaSourceCourt Ruling25/11/2020 08:55 PM
DOMINION ERIC COOMER UNHINDGED SOCIOPATH ANTIFA PERSONNationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video25/11/2020 08:35 PM
ERIC COOMER COURT CASE DOMINION VOTINGNationwideSourceDocument25/11/2020 08:33 PM
VIDEO 3 – DOMINION EXEC- TRUMP WILL NEVER WIN ASSURE YOUNationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video25/11/2020 08:23 PM
2nd video 2020 ERIC COOMER ELECTION SWITCH BALLOTS in chicagoIllinoisSourcePhoto – Audio – Video25/11/2020 08:11 PM
ERIC COOMER DOMINION VOTING SHOWING PEOPLE TO change b allotsNationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video25/11/2020 08:10 PM
DOMINION SLIPS and says they made damn f*U*ing sure Trump did not winNationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video25/11/2020 07:59 PM
Dominion ties to Eric Holder, Mueller, Biden, Obama, Soros, Clintons, CanadaNationwideSourceHistorical Context25/11/2020 07:30 PM
Fraud in PAPennsylvaniaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video25/11/2020 07:18 PM
Voter attempted to get absentee ballot for person who passed away.PennsylvaniaSourceWitness25/11/2020 04:02 PM
Washington State Law 29.12.050, changes to 5.5 require no report or SOS approvalWashingtonSourceDocument25/11/2020 03:28 PM
4 apps graph votes by ward to prove systematic Biden Bonus in GA,CO,WI,MI,…MichiganSourceStatistical25/11/2020 02:25 PM
Election tampering televised nationally on CNNNationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video25/11/2020 01:45 PM
Evidence of possible ballot harvesting in Philadelphia.PennsylvaniaSourceDocument25/11/2020 01:04 PM
Mail voter registration stuck in Customs clearance nearly 30 days laterNationwideSourceDocument25/11/2020 11:44 AM
Votes for Joe Biden Received in Multiples of 4800 (@2:43)GeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video24/11/2020 09:02 AM
Signature verification machine manually reduced to 40% accuracyNevadaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video24/11/2020 07:56 AM
MI MULTI PRECINCT IDENTICAL VOTE TALLYS TRUMP AND TOTALMichiganSourcePhoto – Audio – Video24/11/2020 03:17 AM
Pattern of fraud: 6000 or 4800 vote drops for BidenNationwideSourceDigital – Glitch24/11/2020 11:34 PM
Video Whistleblower Articia Bomer Witness ILLEGAL Votes Counted & Tampering. MI.MichiganSourcePhoto – Audio – Video24/11/2020 10:55 PM
Wisconsin Voters Alliance v Wisconsin Elections Commission, Wisconsin Supreme CtWisconsinSourceDocument24/11/2020 10:37 PM
Chinese SF Express aka CHINESE MAILING spotted in Georgia polling placesGeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video24/11/2020 09:49 PM
Pennsylvania, Arizona, Michigan Legislatures to Hold Public Hearings on Election: Trump CampaignArizonaSourceCourt Ruling24/11/2020 09:42 PM
Court ruled that Democrat Kathy Boockvar’s order to change deadline was illegalPennsylvaniaSourceCourt Ruling24/11/2020 08:53 PM
Nov 25th Court approved hearings for Trump team in Arizona on election concernsArizonaSourceCourt Ruling24/11/2020 08:28 PM
Court ruled Governor Newsom overstepped his authority. Docket 2:20-cv-01903-SPL.CaliforniaSourceCourt Ruling24/11/2020 08:16 PM
Court ruled Governor Newsom overstepped his authority. Docket 2:20-cv-01903-SPL.CaliforniaSourceCourt Ruling24/11/2020 08:15 PM
Senate Bill 1135, allows elections officials to use “electronic adjudication”ArizonaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video24/11/2020 08:14 PM
Court ruled Governor Newsom overstepped his authority. Docket 2:20-cv-01903-SPL.CaliforniaSourceCourt Ruling24/11/2020 08:13 PM
Eric Coomer, software changes in Georgia in Sept. 2020GeorgiaSourceMaterial24/11/2020 08:10 PM
Carolyn Maloney investigates ownership Smartmatic in 2006 CFIUSNationwideSourceDocument24/11/2020 02:14 AM
150,000 potentially fraudulent ballots found in Wisconsin. Court document.WisconsinSourceDocument24/11/2020 07:48 PM
150,000 potentially fraudulent ballots found in Wisconsin. Court document.WisconsinSourceDocument24/11/2020 07:47 PM
150,000 potentially fraudulent ballots found in Wisconsin. Court document.WisconsinSourceDocument24/11/2020 07:45 PM
150,000 potentially fraudulent ballots found in Wisconsin. Court document.WisconsinSourceDocument24/11/2020 07:45 PM
6,000 False Biden Votes Discovered. Ballot Count Upload “Error” in Arizona.ArizonaSourceDigital – Glitch24/11/2020 07:07 PM
I did analysis on NY state voter data. I found an unusual anomaly in the data.New YorkSourceDocument24/11/2020 06:51 PM
there were problems in NY 23rd congressional district election in 2012.New YorkSourceHistorical Context24/11/2020 06:44 PM
Broward County Supervisor of Elections reveals Republican turnout is upFloridaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video24/11/2020 06:42 PM
Commercial addresses being used by voters in Harris County TexasTexasSourceHistorical Context24/11/2020 06:36 PM
Nevada Native Vote Project provides food and raffle prizes in exchange for votesNevadaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video24/11/2020 06:31 PM
GA SHRED IT SHREDDING ELECTION MATERIALSGeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video24/11/2020 06:13 PM
GA SHRED IT SHREDDING MATERIALS 3GeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video24/11/2020 06:12 PM
GA SHED IT SHREDDING ELECTION MATERIALS 2GeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video24/11/2020 06:07 PM
GA SHRED IT SHREDDING ELECTION MATERIAL 1GeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video24/11/2020 06:03 PM
Dominion used in 65 MI Counties not 47MichiganSourceMaterial24/11/2020 05:56 PM
Machine vote count discrepancy identified by election officialsArizonaSourceDigital – Glitch24/11/2020 04:33 PM
US Postal Service Complicit in Election Ballot Scheme.IllinoisSourceDocument24/11/2020 03:34 PM
Forced Signature, Address and Party affiliation on WA State Primary EnvelopesWashingtonSourcePhoto – Audio – Video24/11/2020 03:29 PM
Eric Coomer Declaration in Curling v. Raffensperger CaseGeorgiaSourceDocument24/11/2020 02:29 PM
Population of Wisconsin rised 2020 with 17%, only 0.5% between 2018 and 2019WisconsinSourceStatistical24/11/2020 02:00 PM
USB drive containing vote tally misplaced for 2 hoursWisconsinSourceWitness24/11/2020 01:51 PM
Costantino Et Al v City of Detroit Et Al – Supplemental AffidavitMichiganSourceDocument24/11/2020 01:16 PM
Vote totals don’t match candidate percentagesNationwideSourceDocument24/11/2020 01:07 PM
Bankrupt Scytl/SOE subscription agreement Decatur TexasTexasSourceDocument24/11/2020 12:45 PM
Bayer-Groth zero knowledge test proved Scytl voting flawed in SwissPost docNationwideSourceDocument24/11/2020 12:37 PM
Mellisa Carone Dominion Whistleblower Exposes Ballot FraudMichiganSourcePhoto – Audio – Video24/11/2020 12:26 PM
Tech expert uses downloadable Dominion voting machine manual to manipulate votesNationwideSourceExpert Witness24/11/2020 12:24 PM
Scytl trapdoor committment scheme allows votes to be altered without detectionNationwideSourceDocument24/11/2020 12:14 PM
Dominion’s Eric Coomer admits that Dominion has ability to do fractional votingNationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video24/11/2020 10:38 AM
Carolyn Maloney investigating ownership of Smartmatic in 2006NationwideSourceDocument24/11/2020 01:59 AM
Biden Implicated In Dominion Voting ScamNationwideSourceDocument24/11/2020 01:07 AM
Chinese caught cumggling in fake IDsGeorgiaSourceHistorical Context23/11/2020 09:57 AM
Twittere Execs’ Long History of Trump HatredNationwideSourceHistorical Context23/11/2020 09:55 AM
“Bins full of ballots in a dumpster”KentuckySourcePhoto – Audio – Video23/11/2020 09:53 AM
Military Ballot Return via Email Open to Fraud.NationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video23/11/2020 09:50 AM
Debate Commission Member Tied to Transititon Integrity Project, Soros, CCPNationwideSourceDocument23/11/2020 09:48 AM
Facebook’s Lead Executive on Election Policy Was Biden’s Advisor to UkraineNationwideSourceDocument23/11/2020 09:44 AM
Biden Camp Issues Warning that Polls are WrongNationwideSourceHistorical Context23/11/2020 09:40 AM
Voting inaccuracies are nothing newNationwideSourceDocument23/11/2020 09:39 AM
WA- Garbage bags of mail, unopened ballots on side of roadfoundWashingtonSourceDocument23/11/2020 09:32 AM
PA postal workers charged with dumping ballotsPennsylvaniaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video23/11/2020 09:26 AM
USPS worker dumps 100 absentee ballots in dumpsterKentuckySourceDocument23/11/2020 08:55 AM
Texas Poll Watcher Testifies On 2020 Voter Fraud In Houston, Has PHOTOSTexasSourcePhoto – Audio – Video23/11/2020 08:52 AM
7 states allow anone to alter/cancel a ballot using Name, DOBNationwideSourceDigital – Glitch23/11/2020 08:51 AM
SC Elections Chairman Resigns After Vandalizing Trump Campaign SignsSouth CarolinaSourceHistorical Context23/11/2020 08:40 AM
FBI appoints questionable election officersNationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video23/11/2020 08:38 AM
Whitmer explains polical motiv for Covid lockdown on NBCMichiganSourceHistorical Context23/11/2020 08:35 AM
ND Couplre finds they already votedNorth DakotaSourceDocument23/11/2020 08:33 AM
LA ballot box set on fireCaliforniaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video23/11/2020 08:29 AM
Asst, Press Sect’t Receives Ballot for ex-tenantVirginiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video23/11/2020 08:27 AM
UK journo find 58% PA ballots have date discrepanciesPennsylvaniaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video23/11/2020 08:24 AM
MI fraud witness statementMichiganSourceWitness23/11/2020 08:20 AM
MI fraud witness statementMichiganSourceWitness23/11/2020 08:19 AM
Michigan voter fraud witbess statementMichiganSourceWitness23/11/2020 08:17 AM
Articia Bomer Witnessed Dems Counting Spoiled Ballots for BidenMichiganSourceWitness23/11/2020 08:16 AM
Polling place not open in PAPennsylvaniaSourceWitness23/11/2020 08:05 AM
Voting macines down in TRump strongholdNevadaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video23/11/2020 08:01 AM
Erie County, PA – Poll worker admits trashing Trump votesPennsylvaniaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video23/11/2020 07:57 AM
AZ ballots labelled ‘cancelled’ArizonaSourceWitness23/11/2020 07:54 AM
NC race not called when >99% vote in and Trump +1.4%North CarolinaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video23/11/2020 07:52 AM
USPS fails to meet federal judge’s deadlineNationwideSourceHistorical Context23/11/2020 07:49 AM
From 3:40am to 7:40am (EST) the new votes counted in WI = 94.8% for BidenWisconsinSourceStatistical23/11/2020 07:46 AM
Sharpies forced on voters in AZArizonaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video23/11/2020 07:41 AM
Odd discrepancy in Hidalgo County TXTexasSourceHistorical Context23/11/2020 07:38 AM
Odd disparities in Antrim County precinct countsMichiganSourcePhoto – Audio – Video23/11/2020 07:33 AM
Antrim County results reported backwardsMichiganSourcePhoto – Audio – Video23/11/2020 07:27 AM
Poll worker filling out ballotMarylandSourcePhoto – Audio – Video23/11/2020 07:25 AM
PA data shows Trump vote decrementingPennsylvaniaSourceStatistical23/11/2020 07:23 AM
Stolen Trump ballots burnedMichiganSourcePhoto – Audio – Video23/11/2020 07:21 AM
AZ- Sharpies given out instead of pensArizonaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video23/11/2020 07:18 AM
Ballot Tampering Volunteer Caught On Local News LivestreamNationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video23/11/2020 07:16 AM
18 stolen ballots found on side of road in GlendaleArizonaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video23/11/2020 07:13 AM
wagons, suitcases, and coolers moving in and out of a vote-counting centerMichiganSourcePhoto – Audio – Video23/11/2020 07:12 AM
Middle of the night ballot deliveryNationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video23/11/2020 07:09 AM
MI- Biden wins two counties by 1 voteMichiganSourceStatistical23/11/2020 07:06 AM
WI – 170k absentee votes delivered in middle of nightWisconsinSourcePhoto – Audio – Video23/11/2020 07:04 AM
500 Trump mail-in bsllots found dumped in Marysville precinct MarylandMarylandSourceDocument23/11/2020 06:56 AM
Judicial Watch Finds 1.8 Million ‘Ghost Voters’NationwideSourceExpert Witness23/11/2020 06:53 AM
Text of the legislation that EVERY Democrat voted against.KentuckySourceExpert Witness23/11/2020 06:49 AM
Multiple Fraud LinksNationwideSourceDocument23/11/2020 06:47 AM
Open crates of Biden ballots in Biden supporter’s carArizonaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video23/11/2020 06:41 AM
Proof of Connection with Dominion/Soros-Tide Canada/ClintonNationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video23/11/2020 03:48 AM
Biden won thousands of illegal votes by noncitizens, study showsNationwideSourceMaterial23/11/2020 03:07 AM
Dominion purchased Sequoia in 2010CaliforniaSourceDocument23/11/2020 11:10 PM
12,000 uncounted votes are found in canvass, change election winnerMichiganSourceDocument23/11/2020 10:51 PM
NBC News – voting machine concernsNationwideSourceHistorical Context23/11/2020 10:02 PM
an other professor says can hack easily the dominion systemNationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video23/11/2020 08:58 PM
under 2 minutes to change votes without tools to dominion voting machinesNationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video23/11/2020 08:57 PM
Testimony Dominion Voting System is very easy to hack!NationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video23/11/2020 08:45 PM
Court docs PROVE Dominion & Smartmatic have non-compete agreementDelawareSourceDocument23/11/2020 02:49 AM
Georgia Data Analysis – Large IrregularityGeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video23/11/2020 02:47 AM
23,305K mail in ballots received before being mailedPennsylvaniaSourceMaterial23/11/2020 02:41 AM
Gov proclamation changes rules w/o legislatureWashingtonSourceDocument23/11/2020 02:10 AM
More registered voters in Leelanau County than eligible votersMichiganSourceMaterial23/11/2020 07:42 PM
171,036 votes deleted for Trump after counting stoppedPennsylvaniaSourceDocument23/11/2020 07:34 PM
Whistleblower to voter irregularities PAPennsylvaniaSourceWitness23/11/2020 07:14 PM
Whistleblower to Dan O’Donnell ShowWisconsinSourceWitness23/11/2020 07:03 PM
2006 video from HBO about vote hacking and tampering in the USANationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video23/11/2020 06:54 PM
GA – For 2 Minutes Biden over Trump by 4:1 vs 1:1 previouslyGeorgiaSourceDocument23/11/2020 06:42 PM
MI – In 5 Seconds, Biden got 200,000 votesMichiganSourceDocument23/11/2020 06:40 PM
ERIC COOMER HOW TO ALTER VOTESNationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video23/11/2020 06:13 PM
Service Dog voted in 2020 electionCaliforniaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video23/11/2020 05:24 PM
Voting machine patentsWashingtonSourceDocument23/11/2020 05:23 PM
Roundup of Election Fraud NewsNationwideSourceStatistical23/11/2020 05:02 PM
Biden operative implicated in massive ballot harvesting schemeTexasSourceMaterial23/11/2020 04:56 PM
2019: defcon found Dominion Voting Machine has major vulnerability.NationwideSourceExpert Witness23/11/2020 04:43 PM
ES&S Software Adds 5K votes to election 2009South DakotaSourceDocument23/11/2020 04:42 PM
Sequoia Machines Count More Votes than Voters 2009NationwideSourceDocument23/11/2020 04:38 PM
How to Hack an SVS TerminalCaliforniaSourceDocument23/11/2020 04:26 PM
SVS Source Code Review 2007 WeaknessesCaliforniaSourceDocument23/11/2020 04:24 PM
This shows statistical impossibilities…FloridaSourceStatistical23/11/2020 03:22 PM
Software update makes GA election machines no longer certifiedGeorgiaSourceExpert Witness23/11/2020 03:15 PM
53 batches of votes in GA had a 50.5% to 49.95% ratio in favor of BidenGeorgiaSourceStatistical23/11/2020 02:55 PM
How Tampered and Deleted Votes are Counted by DominionNationwideSourceDocument23/11/2020 02:54 PM
Smartmatic – Sequioa – Hart Non Compete AgreementDelawareSourceCourt Ruling23/11/2020 02:44 PM
Dominion Employees Delete LinkeIn ProfilesNationwideSourceDocument23/11/2020 02:39 PM
19k votes switched from Trump to BidenPennsylvaniaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video23/11/2020 02:39 PM
VA Total Votes SHRINK by 373,000 at 12:12 AM on 4 Nov 2020VirginiaSourceDocument23/11/2020 02:37 PM
Ballot Data batch analysis by precinct NYT dataMaineSourcePhoto – Audio – Video23/11/2020 02:27 PM
Smartmatic Is NatSec Threat – Democrat Congresswoman Admits In 2006 LetterNationwideSourceDocument23/11/2020 02:02 PM
GA – Election worker opening envelope del’d by shipping firm from mainland ChinaGeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video23/11/2020 01:46 PM
UPSP post office attackNationwideSourceDocument23/11/2020 01:29 PM
Dominion Associated with Clinton Foundatiuon’s ‘Global Initiative’NationwideSourceHistorical Context23/11/2020 01:25 PM
Feinstein’s Husband a Major Shareholder at DominionNationwideSourceDocument23/11/2020 01:21 PM
Paid $ to support BidenColoradoSourceHistorical Context23/11/2020 01:17 PM
CO-Shredded ballots in dumpsterColoradoSourcePhoto – Audio – Video23/11/2020 01:13 PM
George Soros arrested in Philadelphia for election interference.NationwideSourceDocument23/11/2020 01:08 PM
one minute to hack access to voting machines to change countNationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video23/11/2020 01:05 PM
1:41:30-144:18 – Trump, Biden lose votes on Fox Election Night CoverageNationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video23/11/2020 01:05 PM
Dallas County Election Fraud Practices – 2017TexasSourceHistorical Context23/11/2020 12:50 PM
Global Study of Remote Voting Fraud (JR Lott)NationwideSourceDocument23/11/2020 12:50 PM
Thousands of Biden Ballots delivered in dead of nightMichiganSourcePhoto – Audio – Video23/11/2020 12:46 PM
Pilger, DOJ election crimes boss,, resignsNationwideSourceHistorical Context23/11/2020 12:43 PM
Texas social worker charged with 134 counts of election fraudTexasSourceDocument23/11/2020 12:39 PM
Dominion Vote Machine Labeled “Fragile and error-prone” 2019NationwideSourceDocument23/11/2020 12:35 PM
Dominion Manual – Overdide ProcedureNationwideSourceDocument23/11/2020 12:33 PM
VA voting graph Nov 3-4VirginiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video23/11/2020 12:32 PM
Dem-Socialist David Orr Illegally Gave DOMINION $32 Million ContractIllinoisSourceHistorical Context23/11/2020 11:54 AM
In 2006 Chicago voting machines from SMARTMATIC Venezuela firm malfunctionedIllinoisSourceHistorical Context23/11/2020 11:41 AM
CNN acknowledges Dominion and Smartmatic have been involved in election rigging.NationwideSourceHistorical Context23/11/2020 11:38 AM
Delian project registered address the same as DominionColoradoSourceDocument23/11/2020 11:27 AM
Study: Quantifying Illegal Votes Cast by Non-Citizens in the Battleground StatesNationwideSourceDocument23/11/2020 11:15 AM
Alarming evidence with corruption but Dominion et alNationwideSourceMaterial23/11/2020 10:30 AM
Email thread w/ Coomer in 2009, info about Sequoia internet capabilitiesNationwideSourceHistorical Context23/11/2020 10:28 AM
Biden Donor Group Sends 255k ballot requests, inc. the deadTexasSourceDocument23/11/2020 10:25 AM
Audio – Journalst P. Howley on Biden Campaign Corruptiuon in TX – 6:01TexasSourcePhoto – Audio – Video23/11/2020 10:21 AM
Pennsylvania Rejects 372,000 Ballot Applications Because Most Were DuplicatesPennsylvaniaSourceDocument23/11/2020 10:16 AM
Jake Braun interviewed August,2017 by CNN business. Demonstrates and warns.NationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video23/11/2020 10:15 AM
Detroit dump of 173k by anonymous voters: 0% registered with 100% turnoutMichiganSourcePhoto – Audio – Video23/11/2020 10:11 AM
AFFIDAVIT-OF-MARK-A.-AGUIRRETexasSourceDocument23/11/2020 10:07 AM
Lindsay Graham pressured GA Secretary of State to toss legal ballotsGeorgiaSourceExpert Witness23/11/2020 01:45 AM
Dominion admitted in 2012 that software changed votes in 2012 electionFloridaSourceWitness23/11/2020 01:21 AM
MI THEY VOTE TO BAN CELLSFloridaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video23/11/2020 01:08 AM
MI POLL WATCHER BANNED CELL USEFloridaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video23/11/2020 01:00 AM
Minnesota US Representative pays for votes in her districtMinnesotaSourceWitness23/11/2020 12:47 AM
Mark Zuckerberg paid for the Dominion Voting SystemsTennesseeSourceMaterial22/11/2020 09:57 AM
David Plouffe was head of Mark Zuckerberg’s policy and advocacy programs.TennesseeSourceMaterial22/11/2020 09:54 AM
David Plouffe worked for Hillary Clinton, Barrack Obama and Mark ZuckerbergTennesseeSourceMaterial22/11/2020 09:52 AM
Colorado Secretary of State deleting dominion docsColoradoSourceDocument22/11/2020 09:30 AM
Interfering in GA electionGeorgiaSourceMaterial22/11/2020 08:41 AM
numerically suspicious consistency in NYT vote countsWisconsinSourceStatistical22/11/2020 08:07 AM
Not letting in poll watchers in DetroitMichiganSourcePhoto – Audio – Video22/11/2020 07:52 AM
200,000 ballots reported missing in SDSouth DakotaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video22/11/2020 04:28 AM
Vote didn’t count per online check. Voted early, on-site. Site had to find.GeorgiaSourceDigital – Glitch22/11/2020 11:46 PM
Tarrant Co. Elec. Adm is ex-Smartmatic engineer & we went blue from redTexasSourceMaterial22/11/2020 10:07 PM
Circumstantial Evidence of Biden Impossible OutcomeNationwideSourceStatistical22/11/2020 09:59 PM
Former FBI Agent says voting machines are easy to hackNew JerseySourceHistorical Context22/11/2020 09:02 PM
Laptop, USB drives stolen from elections warehouse in East Falls PhiladelphiaPennsylvaniaSourceMaterial22/11/2020 08:50 PM
Dominion VP Eric Coomer presented to PA… said HQ was Denver NOT CanadaPennsylvaniaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video22/11/2020 08:38 PM
NCSL is not constitutionally authorized to establish election-specific policies.NationwideSourceDocument22/11/2020 08:16 PM
Donald Trump has a small penisFloridaSourceStatistical22/11/2020 02:56 AM
WI POLL WATCHER NOT WATCHINGWisconsinSourcePhoto – Audio – Video22/11/2020 07:01 PM
Nevada: Counting DUPLICATE Voters, Contested Ballots, Unregistered VotersNevadaSourceDocument22/11/2020 06:15 PM
Massive Election InterferenceNationwideSourceWitness22/11/2020 05:26 PM
Eric Coomer sold GA it’s Dominion machinesGeorgiaSourceDocument22/11/2020 04:56 PM
Anomalies in Fulton County, GA counting according to WSBTV article updatesGeorgiaSourceHistorical Context22/11/2020 04:32 PM
I personally witnessed several people committing voter fraud and suppression.ArizonaSourceDocument22/11/2020 04:04 PM
Elizabeth Warren investigating ownership of Dominion in 2019NationwideSourceDocument22/11/2020 03:12 PM
Dominion Exec Lets It Slip:Software Switched Votes From One Candidate to AnotherNationwideSourceDocument22/11/2020 02:01 PM
2019 Dominion agreement with Santa Clara County allows manual tally adjustmentCaliforniaSourceDocument22/11/2020 01:57 PM
Largest Number of Cluster Votes In Wayne Co. MI Came From Psychiatric HospitalMichiganSourceDocument22/11/2020 01:48 PM
MI – SUSPICIOUS:Biden Underperformed Hillary Nationwide, Except In 4 CitiesMichiganSourceStatistical22/11/2020 01:39 PM
Michigan elections process: What happens to ballots after you voteMichiganSourceHistorical Context22/11/2020 01:37 PM
Bill Gates, Microsoft Designed Election Fraud Software Used By DominionNationwideSourceHistorical Context22/11/2020 01:36 PM
CIA & DARPA have been funding and running NewsGuard & ElectionGuardNationwideSourceHistorical Context22/11/2020 01:35 PM
171,036 VBM ballots deleted from Trump on 11/4 between 1:11am & 8:12amPennsylvaniaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video22/11/2020 01:33 PM
Dominion Same floor=Tides, directed Soros cash to advance globalist agendaNationwideSourceHistorical Context22/11/2020 01:32 PM
2nd Memory Card With 2,755 Votes Found During Georgia Election AuditGeorgiaSourceMaterial22/11/2020 01:29 PM
Georgia election audit finds 3,039 more uncounted ballots in 2 countiesGeorgiaSourceMaterial22/11/2020 01:27 PM
BIDEN Takes MINIMUM 98% of a 23,487 Vote Batch at 12:18AM – Impossible!GeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video22/11/2020 01:12 PM
Polling worker told me I had to vote online and gave me this addressTexasSourcePhoto – Audio – Video22/11/2020 01:09 PM
Dominion Machines Can Print Ballot –Cannot Differentiate From Hand Marked BallotNationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video22/11/2020 01:07 PM
DOMINION DOCUMENTNationwideSourceDocument22/11/2020 01:00 PM
Dominion DocumentColoradoSourceDocument22/11/2020 12:59 PM
We just want to bring this document to youCaliforniaSourceMaterial22/11/2020 12:51 PM
Floyd County fires election director after finding uncounted ballotsGeorgiaSourceHistorical Context22/11/2020 11:48 AM
13% of Biden voters: would NOT have voted for him had they known about HunterNationwideSourceHistorical Context22/11/2020 11:47 AM
Nearly 100,000 ballots were received in PA before the State sent them outPennsylvaniaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video22/11/2020 11:41 AM
Detroit has more registered voters than eligible votersMichiganSourceStatistical22/11/2020 10:29 AM
Video of Poll Workers Marking Ballots in MDMarylandSourcePhoto – Audio – Video22/11/2020 10:21 AM
NYS Voter Irregularities (NYT and ABC)New YorkSourcePhoto – Audio – Video22/11/2020 10:05 AM
NYS Irregularities in Voter Data (NYT and ABC)New YorkSourceDigital – Glitch22/11/2020 10:03 AM
Multiple mail-ballots filled out for Biden by one person.MichiganSourcePhoto – Audio – Video22/11/2020 01:15 AM
Old source code… I believeMissouriSourceDocument21/11/2020 09:27 AM
Not 1 abs ballot rejected for mismatch/missing DOB, address, or OathGeorgiaSourceHistorical Context21/11/2020 09:14 AM
Lindsay Graham questions Georgia Secretary of State about tossing ballots.GeorgiaSourceWitness21/11/2020 08:11 AM
PA voter fraud stitistically confirmedPennsylvaniaSourceStatistical21/11/2020 08:08 AM
Georgia’s new 2019 voting system susceptible to fraudGeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video21/11/2020 07:08 AM
PA Judge Rules In Favor of Trump Team SuitPennsylvaniaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video21/11/2020 06:34 AM
Patrick Colbeck testimony on election observer interferenceMichiganSourcePhoto – Audio – Video21/11/2020 04:54 AM
Expert Witness: Detriot MI blocked observers & connected computers to networkMichiganSourceExpert Witness21/11/2020 04:47 AM
Shows gov mailed SAME DATE as filled out and mailed back.PennsylvaniaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video21/11/2020 10:49 PM
Evidence Over 23K PA Ballots Were Filled Out & Returned Before Mailed To VotersNationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video21/11/2020 10:38 PM
Social worker in texas chare with 134 counts of election fraudTexasSourceHistorical Context21/11/2020 10:27 PM
PA judge throws out Trump case & says he is not allowed to disenfranchise 7M pplPennsylvaniaSourceCourt Ruling21/11/2020 09:36 PM
Ballpoint Used Nov. 2, then Switched to Sharpie on Nov. 3ArizonaSourceWitness21/11/2020 09:20 PM
Dominion Transferring Vote Ratios between Precincts in PAPennsylvaniaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video21/11/2020 08:44 PM
Statement of FaceGeorgiaSourceStatistical21/11/2020 08:25 PM
DeForest Soaries witnesses forced $2bil payment from Congress 2008NationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video21/11/2020 08:18 PM
DRE machine flipped local raceNew JerseySourceDigital – Glitch21/11/2020 08:13 PM
PA vote switching proof, backed by data. Simple video walkthrough.PennsylvaniaSourceStatistical21/11/2020 02:52 AM
Groundwork for election fraud was found as far back as 2016NationwideSourceHistorical Context21/11/2020 02:41 AM
Voters made to use sharpies to fill out ballotsArizonaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video21/11/2020 07:57 PM
voters made to use sharpiesArizonaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video21/11/2020 07:53 PM
Donald Duck’s ballot marked as democrat when we all know he’s a republicanPennsylvaniaSourceWitness21/11/2020 07:37 PM
Tarrant county Texas irregularitiesTexasSourcePhoto – Audio – Video21/11/2020 07:36 PM
Democrat Senators warn of Dominion “vote switching”NationwideSourceDocument21/11/2020 07:33 PM
real time votes swap capturedPennsylvaniaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video21/11/2020 07:32 PM
3 PA S.Ct. Justices Dougherty,Wecht &Donahue connect to Democracy Alliance-SorosPennsylvaniaSourceMaterial21/11/2020 07:29 PM
Mail-In ballot dump has implausible distribution for Biden/Trump/JorgensonPennsylvaniaSourceStatistical21/11/2020 06:22 PM
Elected officials sign affadavits admitting fixing multiple electionsCaliforniaSourceDocument21/11/2020 06:20 PM
Dominion system vote re-assignment method found by a spanish mathematicianPennsylvaniaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video21/11/2020 06:08 PM
14,000 electronic absentee ballots “found” on “mis-labled” memory stickVirginiaSourceDigital – Glitch21/11/2020 05:44 PM
Nevada has more presidential votes than total ballots castNevadaSourceDocument21/11/2020 05:17 PM
Person died prior to Election Day, and their mail in vote was recorded.PennsylvaniaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video21/11/2020 05:17 PM
Over 18% of Philadelphia Absenteee Ballots were marked returned on October 10.PennsylvaniaSourceStatistical21/11/2020 05:07 PM
Klobuchar and Warren wrote letters criticizing DominionNationwideSourceDocument21/11/2020 04:59 PM
77,982 more votes than casted ballotsNevadaSourceStatistical21/11/2020 03:46 PM
Election Fraud Expert: Michigan’s Election Results Are ‘Physical Impossibility’MichiganSourceStatistical21/11/2020 03:10 PM
Scytl being used EVERYWHERENationwideSourceMaterial21/11/2020 02:32 PM
Foreign company (Scytl) being used for storage and access of voting dataGeorgiaSourceMaterial21/11/2020 02:31 PM
Florida Suppresses VotesFloridaSourceExpert Witness21/11/2020 02:04 PM
Ballot “received”, but not “counted”New JerseySourceMaterial21/11/2020 01:54 PM
77,982 more presidential votes than total ballots cast in NevadaNevadaSourceDocument21/11/2020 01:54 PM
Excel file comparing 2016 data to 2020NationwideSourceStatistical21/11/2020 01:36 PM
41% of AV Ballots Unmatched – Wayne Allen ParkMichiganSourceDigital – Glitch21/11/2020 01:24 PM
135 AVBC precincts have 0 registered voters, leaving 173k untraceable votesMichiganSourceDocument21/11/2020 12:56 PM
Impossibility to check the ballot: site constantly shows “wrong spelling”MassachusettsSourceWitness21/11/2020 12:38 PM
FLOTUS provides proof of tampering in Georgia and moreGeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video21/11/2020 11:53 AM
Multiple outdated voting machines found dumped outside of SavannahGeorgiaSourceMaterial21/11/2020 11:15 AM
Oregon automatically registers non-citizen to vote without consent or knowledgeOregonSourceWitness21/11/2020 01:39 AM
Video Voter Fraud!WashingtonSourcePhoto – Audio – Video20/11/2020 09:56 AM
NYT Edison Data Stream LinkNationwideSourceMaterial20/11/2020 09:34 AM
Additional Biden Votes Laundered Through Third Party by software in all statesNationwideSourceStatistical20/11/2020 09:30 AM
Michigan Secretary of State DIvine 9 ApplicationMichiganSourceDocument20/11/2020 09:26 AM
Hawaii O.E. has violated numerious HRS statues and allowed for election fraud.HawaiiSourcePhoto – Audio – Video20/11/2020 09:25 AM
Investigative reporting that locates possible bad actors involvedNationwideSourceHistorical Context20/11/2020 08:38 AM
Former Michigan State Senator Patrick Colbeck witness as poll watcher DetroitNationwideSourceWitness20/11/2020 05:24 AM
THE HAMMER and SCORECARD discussed by 3 star retired generalNationwideSourceDigital – Glitch20/11/2020 05:21 AM
PA secretary designed unequal illegal ballot curing guidancePennsylvaniaSourceWitness20/11/2020 04:13 AM
Violation of executive orderNationwideSourceDocument20/11/2020 11:25 PM
Democrat leaders complaints of election fraud with vote switching etc.NationwideSourceDocument20/11/2020 11:10 PM
Edilmo Palencia, AI engineer, Microsoft-links Smartmatic->HAAT->DominionNationwideSourceMaterial20/11/2020 10:46 PM
Dominion Transferring Vote Ratios between Precincts in PAPennsylvaniaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video20/11/2020 10:42 PM
How Dominion transferred votes between PA precincts AND covered its trailPennsylvaniaSourceCourt Ruling20/11/2020 10:28 PM
Voter Irregularities to DateNationwideSourceDocument20/11/2020 09:56 PM
Dead son voted.MichiganSourceMaterial20/11/2020 08:13 PM
Dominion Voting Systems (DVS)NationwideSourceDocument20/11/2020 02:32 AM
My friend was born in MI but lives in NH now & voted for BidenMichiganSourceDocument20/11/2020 07:31 PM
They are trying to step the election by voter intimidation. Unpatriotic! Loser!NevadaSourceHistorical Context20/11/2020 07:20 PM
Biden won GeorgiaGeorgiaSourceDocument20/11/2020 07:19 PM
Mail-in ballots were not delivered to blue countiesFloridaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video20/11/2020 06:40 PM
GA BALLOT SHREDDING ACTUAL BALLOTGeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video20/11/2020 06:39 PM
GA BALLOT DESTRUCTION A1 SHREDDINGGeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video20/11/2020 06:35 PM
Video of secret absentee voter fraud.GeorgiaSourceWitness20/11/2020 06:33 PM
BALLOT SHREDDING IN GA – TRANSPORT VEHICHLEGeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video20/11/2020 06:32 PM
California Republican Party Admits It Placed Misleading Ballot Boxes Around StCaliforniaSourceDocument20/11/2020 06:23 PM
SC politician encourages GA SOS to throw out ballots & illegally overturn resultGeorgiaSourceExpert Witness20/11/2020 06:21 PM
Admission of Voting Machine Hacking by Gov’t – pg. 40NationwideSourceDocument20/11/2020 06:12 PM
Ballot Cast – FraudulentlyArizonaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video20/11/2020 06:08 PM
Ballots switched at post officePennsylvaniaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video20/11/2020 06:08 PM
The removal of mailboxes, slowing mail-in ballots.MassachusettsSourcePhoto – Audio – Video20/11/2020 06:06 PM
Voting equipment found on side of road in GAGeorgiaSourceWitness20/11/2020 05:58 PM
There were more Registered Voters than what was even possibleMichiganSourceExpert Witness20/11/2020 05:50 PM
The Republican Party set up fake ballot boxes in CACaliforniaSourceWitness20/11/2020 05:43 PM
90% voter turnout in Wisconsin is statistically improbable.WisconsinSourceStatistical20/11/2020 05:32 PM
U.S. Allegiance Institute amicus curiae brief filed in LAITY v. HARRISNationwideSourceDocument20/11/2020 05:29 PM
Voter Fraud: Person votes on behalf of his dead mother!PennsylvaniaSourceDocument20/11/2020 05:29 PM
Dead people voted in Pennsylvania (born in 1850 and later).PennsylvaniaSourceDocument20/11/2020 05:25 PM
Dominion & ES&S Used in Ohio 2020 ElectionOhioSourceDocument20/11/2020 04:15 PM
Large scale voter fraudGeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video20/11/2020 03:37 PM
Democrats cannot hide these factsFloridaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video20/11/2020 03:24 PM
State of Michigan using Obsolete Operating SystemMichiganSourceDocument20/11/2020 02:40 PM
Detroit election officials refused to readmit GOP poll challengersMichiganSourcePhoto – Audio – Video20/11/2020 01:41 PM
PA mail in voters with impossible datesPennsylvaniaSourceMaterial20/11/2020 01:20 PM
Philippines Elections with Smartmatic Software Yield IrregularitiesNationwideSourceMaterial20/11/2020 12:33 PM
Voter featured in Tucker Carlson story is not actually dead.GeorgiaSourceWitness20/11/2020 11:13 AM
Bolivia 2019 Mirrors US 2020 complaintsNationwideSourceHistorical Context20/11/2020 11:09 AM
Rudy Giuliani and Donald Trump are, in fact, BigfootsMichiganSourcePhoto – Audio – Video20/11/2020 11:06 AM
Credible account from Dominion employee on how the machines were used to defraudNationwideSourceWitness20/11/2020 10:39 AM
Conflict of Interest. Judge who threw out Maricopa County suit on same ballotsArizonaSourceCourt Ruling20/11/2020 10:13 AM
Smartmatic CEO Admitting Fraud PubliclyNationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video20/11/2020 10:05 AM
Hatred for allNationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video20/11/2020 10:04 AM
Trump attempts to persuade canvassers to uncertify votesMichiganSourceExpert Witness20/11/2020 12:52 AM
Prominent mathematician investigated voters and flags up to 100,000 PA ballotsPennsylvaniaSourceStatistical20/11/2020 12:21 AM
Court documents 2016 RE: Sequoia Bankruptcy/Smartmatic votingNationwideSourceCourt Ruling19/11/2020 07:51 AM
Irrefutable evidence of vote count manipulation by vote counting/reporting SW.NationwideSourceDigital – Glitch19/11/2020 05:25 AM
9626 counting error favoring BidenGeorgiaSourceDigital – Glitch19/11/2020 03:29 AM
Dominion had portable ballot printing machines available for purchaseNationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video19/11/2020 03:26 AM
Odd Biden only BatchesGeorgiaSourceWitness19/11/2020 03:25 AM
Dominion had portable ballot printing machines availableNationwideSourceDocument19/11/2020 03:20 AM
Sharpies preferred for voting in AZ, not a sign of fraud or disenfranchisementArizonaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video19/11/2020 10:08 PM
Trump Lawyers admit no fraud in PA case.PennsylvaniaSourceCourt Ruling19/11/2020 10:04 PM
President Trump doesn’t believe in the electoral college.NationwideSourceHistorical Context19/11/2020 10:00 PM
Republican Clerk Caroline Wilson in MI causes error, not Dominion softwareMichiganSourceWitness19/11/2020 09:57 PM
Cincinnati city councilman arrested for fraudOhioSourceCourt Ruling19/11/2020 09:55 PM
Biden wins hand recount in GAGeorgiaSourceMaterial19/11/2020 09:53 PM
Statistically impossible electronic vote irregularitiesMinnesotaSourceStatistical19/11/2020 09:49 PM
Data expert shows how votes were moved to 3rd party then BidenNationwideSourceDigital – Glitch19/11/2020 07:48 PM
Michigan Election Official Training Poll Workers How To Make Sure Biden WonMichiganSourcePhoto – Audio – Video19/11/2020 07:25 PM
Smartmatic Employees from Venezuela as Election Official in TXTexasSourceHistorical Context19/11/2020 06:40 PM
Affidavit of evidence & analysis of Dominion EMS vulnerabilitiesMichiganSourceExpert Witness19/11/2020 06:01 PM
Pelosi “confident” Biden will be elected “whatever the end count is” – Oct 29NationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video19/11/2020 05:39 PM
Dominion VP warned in 2016 that the systems are manipulableNationwideSourceHistorical Context19/11/2020 04:06 PM
A data analysis finds discrepancies in election results over timeNationwideSourceStatistical19/11/2020 04:00 PM
Dominion is owned and tied to international elites and high-profile politiciansNationwideSourceHistorical Context19/11/2020 03:57 PM
Eric Croomer from Dominion claimed that he’d fixed the system so Biden winNationwideSourceWitness19/11/2020 02:58 PM
2018 NYT on how easily electronic voting machines can be hackedNationwideSourceHistorical Context19/11/2020 02:25 PM
An Ambiguous Mark Control I.T. exploit altered the Arizona election results.ArizonaSourceExpert Witness19/11/2020 02:20 PM
Dominion: Vote Switching during CNN Livestream on Election Night 2020PennsylvaniaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video19/11/2020 02:11 PM
Dominion : During LIVE Broadcast 19,958 PENNSYLVANIA Trump Votes Switch To BidenPennsylvaniaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video19/11/2020 02:03 PM
An update to the SW executable cannot “flip” votes unless it was intendedMichiganSourcePhoto – Audio – Video19/11/2020 01:14 PM
Analysis of Michigan Votes Reveals Unfortunate Truth of U.S. Voting SystemsMichiganSourcePhoto – Audio – Video19/11/2020 01:10 PM
Nine absentee ballots found in garbagePennsylvaniaSourceMaterial19/11/2020 12:46 PM
Trump is trying to steal the electionNationwideSourceDocument19/11/2020 12:39 PM
I have reports of dead people voting. With proof.PennsylvaniaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video19/11/2020 12:07 PM
Votes were moved from Trump to 3rd part then to BidenPennsylvaniaSourceStatistical19/11/2020 12:03 PM
Georgia County Clerk Speculation [Video]GeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video19/11/2020 11:47 AM
Wayne County Clerk, Cathy Garrett, 2013 Mayoral Election FlipMichiganSourceHistorical Context19/11/2020 11:46 AM
Trump lost the election through the most secure election in US historyVermontSourceStatistical19/11/2020 11:40 AM
Correction: Poll Challengers were kick out > Poll Challengers were kicked outMassachusettsSourceDocument19/11/2020 11:21 AM
Hawthorne – 2 men charged: 8,000 ballot applications 4 fictitious or dead votersCaliforniaSourceHistorical Context19/11/2020 11:17 AM
Key figure controlling Smartmatic Vote Fraud Software Related to SorosNationwideSourceHistorical Context19/11/2020 10:09 AM
PA voter roll inacuarrate. Active lawsuitPennsylvaniaSourceStatistical19/11/2020 12:13 AM
Michigan Official Threatens Republicans Who Refused To Certify ElectionMichiganSourcePhoto – Audio – Video18/11/2020 09:51 AM
Dominion in Brazil rigged this last weekend 11/15/2020 electionsNationwideSourceStatistical18/11/2020 07:40 AM
AFFIDAVIT: How Smartmatic Voting Machines Were Designed To Steal US ElectionsNationwideSourceExpert Witness18/11/2020 07:39 AM
Philadelphia Rejected Dominion For Fear Of Foreign Interference In US ElectionsPennsylvaniaSourceDocument18/11/2020 07:39 AM
Why 2020 US Election Votes Were Counted By A Bankrupted Spanish Company ScytlNationwideSourceHistorical Context18/11/2020 07:37 AM
INVESTIGATION: How Crown Agent Dominion Voting Systems Rig The US Elections 2020NationwideSourceHistorical Context18/11/2020 07:36 AM
New York State had 617,695 votes disappear, Friday Nov. 6 – Nov. 10New YorkSourcePhoto – Audio – Video18/11/2020 05:51 AM
Intimidation of Election Officials Part 2MichiganSourcePhoto – Audio – Video18/11/2020 04:38 AM
Intimidation of Election OfficialsMichiganSourcePhoto – Audio – Video18/11/2020 04:37 AM
Michigan vote counts and timing not possible expertMichiganSourceExpert Witness18/11/2020 04:25 AM
BREAKING: @AdamLaxalt says 15,000 people voted in Nevada and another state.NevadaSourceStatistical18/11/2020 03:23 AM
Project Veritas Hale Soucie GOP Ballot Monitor witnessed Ballot Fraud,GeorgiaSourceExpert Witness18/11/2020 03:20 AM
Joe Oltmann exposes Eric Coomer, Dominion Voting Systems GlitchesMichiganSourceDigital – Glitch18/11/2020 03:09 AM
Instructor at CSU Chico offered extra credit for proof of voting inCaliforniaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video18/11/2020 11:35 PM
Voting machines unsealed with wrong serial numbersGeorgiaSourceWitness18/11/2020 11:32 PM
Serbian development team for dominion voting systemsNationwideSourceDocument18/11/2020 11:29 PM
History of double voting in GAGeorgiaSourceHistorical Context18/11/2020 11:22 PM
Lost vote counts caught on CNN video clip.GeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video18/11/2020 11:17 PM
Serbian creators of Scorecard for Dominion VS tracedNationwideSourceDocument18/11/2020 11:13 PM
USPS union endorsing Biden – Mailin ballots in questionPennsylvaniaSourceHistorical Context18/11/2020 11:13 PM
Different vote scanners used for Democrat vs Republican ballotsGeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video18/11/2020 11:07 PM
PA vmailin voter registration irregularity. Now privatePennsylvaniaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video18/11/2020 10:57 PM
Mailin voter registration orregularity. Now privatePennsylvaniaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video18/11/2020 10:55 PM
Mailin voter regostry irregularityPennsylvaniaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video18/11/2020 10:54 PM
Raffensperger on record data could be manipulated remotelyGeorgiaSourceHistorical Context18/11/2020 10:46 PM
Georgia dead voter that voted.GeorgiaSourceMaterial18/11/2020 10:07 PM
I think we’ll find he had at least 80 million votesNationwideSourceWitness18/11/2020 08:00 PM
Michigan Votes changed in Wayne County Matthew Seely poll watcher.MichiganSourceExpert Witness18/11/2020 02:45 AM
Unidentified person stealing votes at gunpointNationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video18/11/2020 02:37 AM
TX Re-Exam Dominion Voting System 5.5-A TX SoS Office Oct 2019TexasSourceDocument18/11/2020 07:50 PM
Pre-printed ballots for BidenGeorgiaSourceWitness18/11/2020 07:50 PM
TX Examination Dominion Voting Systems 5.5-A TX SoS Jan 16-17, 2019TexasSourceDocument18/11/2020 07:47 PM
mathematical evidence of vote flippingGeorgiaSourceStatistical18/11/2020 06:38 PM
Voter fraud effort to register 8000 homeless peopleCaliforniaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video18/11/2020 06:37 PM
There were fifteen tractor trailers spotted on the lot at a county facility.TexasSourceDocument18/11/2020 06:34 PM
Method of OperationsNationwideSourceHistorical Context18/11/2020 05:46 PM
Ballot harvestingTexasSourcePhoto – Audio – Video18/11/2020 05:25 PM
Republicans in Wayne County Caved In . . .MichiganSourceDocument18/11/2020 04:55 PM
Fake ballotsGeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video18/11/2020 04:15 PM
Witness to Smartmatic/Dominion Development/UseGeorgiaSourceDocument18/11/2020 03:49 PM
Maracopa County told to save problem sharpie for election dayArizonaSourceDocument18/11/2020 03:49 PM
Regarding anaylsis of Dominion/Premier EMS Systems Affidavit. Votes as pointsNationwideSourceDocument18/11/2020 03:36 PM
Dominion patent method with no security thresholdsDelawareSourceDocument18/11/2020 03:31 PM
Genevieve Vesko – PA dead voter Alzheimers patient – died 10/23, voted 11/3PennsylvaniaSourceHistorical Context18/11/2020 03:14 PM
Pristine ballots. Perfectly filled bubbles. Non-folded. AffidavitGeorgiaSourceDocument18/11/2020 03:07 PM
Pristine pre-printed ballots for Biden. AffidvaitGeorgiaSourceDocument18/11/2020 03:05 PM
Pre-printed pristine ballots for Biden only. Recount monitor GA WCC. AffidavitGeorgiaSourceDocument18/11/2020 03:03 PM
Dominion Software IT Contractor Alleges Massive Fraud In Signed AffidavitMichiganSourceWitness18/11/2020 02:45 PM
Pennsylvania witnesses describe irregularities they sawPennsylvaniaSourceWitness18/11/2020 02:40 PM
Highly Suspect Statistics from Dr. Makridis PhDGeorgiaSourceStatistical18/11/2020 02:30 PM
Gwinnett County Gross ViolationsGeorgiaSourceWitness18/11/2020 02:23 PM
Suspicious Clean Ballots Biden only marking did not occur for Trump as wellGeorgiaSourceWitness18/11/2020 02:19 PM
Abigail Marone’s reporting on Corrupt Cash-For-Vote in Tribal NevadaNevadaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video18/11/2020 02:18 PM
Trial Lawyer and Registered Dem Noticed Irregularities w/ recount Dekalb CountyGeorgiaSourceWitness18/11/2020 02:16 PM
Clayton County precinct, Erica Johnston Not Following Rules outlined AffidavitGeorgiaSourceDocument18/11/2020 02:11 PM
South Jersey Town had votes completely backwardsNew JerseySourcePhoto – Audio – Video18/11/2020 02:11 PM
Sabotage of Postal ServiceNationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video18/11/2020 01:39 PM
GA SOS recount is a sham. Will on certify election night results. Phone Audio.GeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video18/11/2020 01:35 PM
Voter intimidationNorth CarolinaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video18/11/2020 01:29 PM
Discrepancy in voting tabulation in Floyd County GAGeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video18/11/2020 01:16 PM
Kelly Dixon (of Maricopa County Elections) discussing pens/markersArizonaSourceDocument18/11/2020 01:15 PM
GeorgiaSourceDocument18/11/2020 12:59 PM
Nursing Home Voter Ballot FraudColoradoSourcePhoto – Audio – Video18/11/2020 12:50 PM
ONLY use markers on Election DayArizonaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video18/11/2020 12:44 PM
Mower County MN, had ‘software issues’ during vote countMinnesotaSourceDocument18/11/2020 12:39 PM
Wisconsin vote tabulation anomalies indicate electronic fraudWisconsinSourceStatistical18/11/2020 12:28 PM
Cnn – reporting of decline and transfer in single viewMichiganSourcePhoto – Audio – Video18/11/2020 12:12 PM
Dominion and tech – study on lack of securityGeorgiaSourceDocument18/11/2020 12:09 PM
Illegal voter intimidation & rioting by communist-inspired scumMichiganSourcePhoto – Audio – Video18/11/2020 12:07 PM
Patent of dominion voting – no security – archaic method and systemDelawareSourceDocument18/11/2020 12:01 PM
Been archiving some. Likely have many but hopefully a few you don’t.NationwideSourceMaterial18/11/2020 11:43 AM
GA Statistical Analysis proves fraudGeorgiaSourceExpert Witness18/11/2020 01:10 AM
Voting machines can be easily hackedMichiganSourcePhoto – Audio – Video18/11/2020 01:07 AM
Michigan kickbacksMichiganSourcePhoto – Audio – Video17/11/2020 09:35 AM
Philly Trump Poll Watcher who was thrown out – Gary FeldmanPennsylvaniaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video17/11/2020 09:27 AM
Windows covered, observers denied, campaign material on polling buildings, etc.NationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video17/11/2020 09:26 AM
Maricopa County recorder: 0 votes reported for 4 hrs & 0 votes from Election DayArizonaSourceHistorical Context17/11/2020 09:22 AM
Massive Dem Voter Fraud Busted By Former Houston City Councilman, Andrew BurksTexasSourceExpert Witness17/11/2020 09:20 AM
Improbable Wisconsin voter turnout by yearWisconsinSourceStatistical17/11/2020 09:16 AM
Stolen Ballots Were Found Under a Rock On Side Of Road In Glendale, AZArizonaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video17/11/2020 09:15 AM
Votes Stolen from Third PartiesMinnesotaSourceStatistical17/11/2020 09:14 AM
Poll watcher in Philly wrongfully prevented from entering the polling placePennsylvaniaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video17/11/2020 09:14 AM
Watcher denied inside,Dem committeewoman: “that rule ain’t worth being followed”PennsylvaniaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video17/11/2020 09:12 AM
Election Officials keep poll watchers far from counting tables can’t observePennsylvaniaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video17/11/2020 09:08 AM
People submitting multiple mail-in ballots across the statePennsylvaniaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video17/11/2020 09:04 AM
Voting machine in overwhelmingly Trump districts in Borough Park are brokenNew YorkSourceHistorical Context17/11/2020 09:02 AM
Official ballot box being taken away by an unidentified civilianPennsylvaniaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video17/11/2020 09:01 AM
USPS worker charged with dumping ballotsKentuckySourceCourt Ruling17/11/2020 08:58 AM
Dems distort election integrity idea into nefarious plot to interfere w/electionPennsylvaniaSourceHistorical Context17/11/2020 08:56 AM
Why are The Trafalgar & Rasmussen Polls So Different From Polls MSM Puts Out?NationwideSourceHistorical Context17/11/2020 08:54 AM
Over 80,000 mail-in ballots disqualified in NYC primary messNew YorkSourceHistorical Context17/11/2020 08:52 AM
Massive Florida mail pile-up believed to include ballotsFloridaSourceHistorical Context17/11/2020 08:51 AM
89% Record High Turnout in Wisconsin = 5+ standard deviations from the meanWisconsinSourceStatistical17/11/2020 08:50 AM
GOP lawmaker claims Democratic officials worked to ‘tip the scales’ to BidenPennsylvaniaSourceHistorical Context17/11/2020 08:47 AM
Flashback: Philly Election Official Convicted of Voter FraudPennsylvaniaSourceHistorical Context17/11/2020 08:46 AM
Google Searches For ‘Election Fraud Punishment’ Surged In MI PA & AZ B4 ElectionNationwideSourceHistorical Context17/11/2020 08:44 AM
Time Seri Analysis: Scientist Finds Telltale Signs Of Election FraudNationwideSourceStatistical17/11/2020 08:41 AM
Reports Indicate Fraud Much Higher W/ Mail-In Ballots Than In-Person VotingNationwideSourceMaterial17/11/2020 08:39 AM
Why Does Biden Have So Many More Votes Than Democrat Senators In Swing States?NationwideSourceStatistical17/11/2020 08:35 AM
Photo of Republican Poll Watcher Blacklist From PhiladelphiaPennsylvaniaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video17/11/2020 08:32 AM
Detroit Ballot Counters Counting ‘Xerox Copies’ As Military BallotsMichiganSourceWitness17/11/2020 08:31 AM
Dead People Discovered Voting in New YorkNew YorkSourceMaterial17/11/2020 08:29 AM
Fox News Host Rolls Out List of Deceased People Who Cast Ballot in US ElectionNationwideSourceMaterial17/11/2020 08:28 AM
Project Veritas USPS Whistleblower: Orders to Halt Delivery of Trump & GOP MailPennsylvaniaSourceWitness17/11/2020 08:25 AM
affidavit alleging Houston judge and election staff committed voter fraud reportTexasSourceWitness17/11/2020 08:23 AM
Voters allowed to vote as long as proof of an upcoming appointment at DMVNevadaSourceWitness17/11/2020 08:21 AM
Sidney Powell Claims 450,000 Key State Ballots w/ a Vote Only For BidenNationwideSourceDigital – Glitch17/11/2020 08:19 AM
Sudden infusions of votes for Biden seems to be a common patternNationwideSourceDigital – Glitch17/11/2020 08:17 AM
Bevin’s decreases 560 votes while Beshear’s increases exactly 560 pointsKentuckySourceDigital – Glitch17/11/2020 08:16 AM
William Binney 30-year former NSA intelligence official: it’s not a glitch @ allNationwideSourceExpert Witness17/11/2020 08:14 AM
Organized crime, poorly done but secret communication and intimidationOregonSourceWitness17/11/2020 08:13 AM
Affidavits for Michigan. This is organized crime, just extremely poorly done. SOregonSourceDocument17/11/2020 08:11 AM
Congressman: Foreign company had evidence of ‘vote switching’NationwideSourceDigital – Glitch17/11/2020 08:11 AM
Another 19,500 Votes Moved: Why Every Case Moved From Republicans 2 Democrats?WisconsinSourceDigital – Glitch17/11/2020 08:08 AM
King County Washington allows printing of ballotsWashingtonSourceDocument17/11/2020 08:05 AM
Milwaukee: 30,000 Votes Switched from Trump to BidenWisconsinSourceStatistical17/11/2020 08:05 AM
19,958 votes mysterious vanish from Trump, as Biden gains 19,958PennsylvaniaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video17/11/2020 07:57 AM
Georgia Machine glitch caused by last-minute vendor uploadGeorgiaSourceHistorical Context17/11/2020 07:56 AM
Texas Judge’s Mom Told She Already Voted — She Did NotTexasSourceWitness17/11/2020 07:55 AM
Recount poll watcher evidence of ballot switching and unchecked ballotsGeorgiaSourceWitness17/11/2020 07:53 AM
Auditor Claims Multiple Trump Ballots Fraudulently Called For BidenGeorgiaSourceWitness17/11/2020 07:42 AM
Smartmatic Linked to Alleged Fraud in Philippine and Venezuela ElectionsNationwideSourceDocument17/11/2020 06:19 AM
Smartmatic CEO admitting 1 million votes fabricated in Venezuelan electionsNationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video17/11/2020 06:15 AM
PA supreme court violates article 2 of US constitutionPennsylvaniaSourceHistorical Context17/11/2020 06:04 AM
GA recount voting worker calls 3 Trump votes for Biden and gets caughtGeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video17/11/2020 05:57 AM
Purported GA Recount Process Does Not Review Absentee Ballot SignaturesGeorgiaSourceMaterial17/11/2020 05:49 AM
June Aiken rises from dead, shows up to cast ballot for Joe BidenMichiganSourcePhoto – Audio – Video17/11/2020 05:47 AM
GA Vote “Observers” asked to stand far away but counters not “social distanced”GeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video17/11/2020 05:42 AM
200K ballots appear to have wrong down district ballot votes then disappearVirginiaSourceStatistical17/11/2020 05:42 AM
NYC voting machines mysteriously not workingNew YorkSourcePhoto – Audio – Video17/11/2020 05:39 AM
illegal advertising at election stations in PAPennsylvaniaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video17/11/2020 05:37 AM
Poll watcher in PA denied Entry (video)PennsylvaniaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video17/11/2020 05:36 AM
All voting machines go down in one Georgia countyGeorgiaSourceMaterial17/11/2020 05:35 AM
video showing election machines mysteriously shutdownPennsylvaniaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video17/11/2020 05:34 AM
Citizens were told mail-in voting would be a transparent process, it hasn’t beenNationwideSourceDocument17/11/2020 05:32 AM
video of republican poll watchers kicked outMichiganSourcePhoto – Audio – Video17/11/2020 05:31 AM
video of detroit workers boarding up windowsMichiganSourcePhoto – Audio – Video17/11/2020 05:29 AM
experts warn congress of mail in ballot fraudNationwideSourceHistorical Context17/11/2020 05:28 AM
Are We Allowed to Talk About These Statistical Anomalies From 2020 Election?NationwideSourceStatistical17/11/2020 05:28 AM
Election workers wear Biden Masks, violating state lawPennsylvaniaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video17/11/2020 05:26 AM
“This Felt Like a Drug Deal!”NationwideSourceWitness17/11/2020 05:25 AM
angry election worker sticks middle finger at ballot, and rips it up.GeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video17/11/2020 05:25 AM
Mysterious Ballot DumpsNationwideSourceWitness17/11/2020 05:24 AM
Recent Georgia law has made it unreasonably difficult to check AB signaturesGeorgiaSourceHistorical Context17/11/2020 05:23 AM
Donna Brydges from Mason County rises from grave to vote for Joe BidenMichiganSourcePhoto – Audio – Video17/11/2020 05:23 AM
Former Nevada Attorney General talks about Voting irregularities on VideoNevadaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video17/11/2020 05:21 AM
Jill Stoke, Nevada Residence, says mail in ballot stolenNevadaSourceWitness17/11/2020 05:19 AM
William Bradley dies in 1984. Somehow rises from grave to vote for Sleepy JoeMichiganSourceMaterial17/11/2020 05:18 AM
video of election official refusing to comply with court orderPennsylvaniaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video17/11/2020 05:17 AM
Whistleblower in Minnesota says staff instructed people to vote for Biden.MinnesotaSourceWitness17/11/2020 05:15 AM
Analysts Witness Late-Night Absentee Ballot Dumps for BidenPennsylvaniaSourceWitness17/11/2020 05:14 AM
Election officials in Atlanta appear to be stuffing ballots on videoGeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video17/11/2020 05:12 AM
Early Morning Wayne Absentee Ballot Dumps Skewed Improbably High for BidenMichiganSourceStatistical17/11/2020 05:10 AM
Biden to Trump data ratios indicate voter anomiliesNationwideSourceStatistical17/11/2020 05:02 AM
video of woman (bottom of page) training staff to kick out poll watchersPennsylvaniaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video17/11/2020 04:59 AM
Vote rigging: How to spot the tell-tale signsNationwideSourceHistorical Context17/11/2020 04:54 AM
Philadelphia Will Halt Mail-In Vote Count for the NightPennsylvaniaSourceWitness17/11/2020 04:51 AM
170 year old people are voting in Allegheny CountyPennsylvaniaSourceMaterial17/11/2020 04:51 AM
analysis shows irregularities in down ballot votes across swing statesNationwideSourceStatistical17/11/2020 04:48 AM
Dem-run cities STOP counting votes on Election DayNationwideSourceWitness17/11/2020 04:47 AM
Whistleblower told to ignore signature matchesNevadaSourceWitness17/11/2020 04:46 AM
Election officials in Fulton county lie about closing for the nightGeorgiaSourceMaterial17/11/2020 04:42 AM
Whistleblower says Clark County workers fabricated residence dataNevadaSourceDocument17/11/2020 04:41 AM
Computer Vision experts say manually lowering signature makes it unreliableNevadaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video17/11/2020 04:36 AM
Russel Strasser intimidates whistleblower. has anti-trump burner accountPennsylvaniaSourceMaterial17/11/2020 04:33 AM
Attorney Jerome Marcus tells us how he witnessed fraudPennsylvaniaSourceWitness17/11/2020 04:27 AM
Video Evidence Ilhan Omar Conducted Cash-For-Ballots Voter Fraud Scheme in MNMinnesotaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video17/11/2020 04:26 AM
Joe Biden chief of staff Ron Klain says “Yes, Elections are rigged”NationwideSourceHistorical Context17/11/2020 04:26 AM
Election Official refuses to comply with court orderPennsylvaniaSourceMaterial17/11/2020 04:23 AM
Detroit Election workers ban republicans and board up windows. violate state lawMichiganSourceDocument17/11/2020 04:18 AM
Long History of Voter Fraud in PAPennsylvaniaSourceHistorical Context17/11/2020 04:13 AM
Wisconsin vote flip of 8,500 votesWisconsinSourcePhoto – Audio – Video17/11/2020 10:22 PM
US Election Assistance Commission’s guidelines require signatures checksNationwideSourceDocument17/11/2020 09:18 PM
DNA Proof Election Was RiggedNationwideSourceStatistical17/11/2020 09:08 PM
Multiple Nationwider Ballot CrimesNationwideSourceDocument17/11/2020 08:48 PM
There is no voter fraudNationwideSourceMaterial17/11/2020 08:46 PM
Inability to explain Floyd Cty 2700 lost votes & tightlipped Dominion employeesGeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video17/11/2020 08:45 PM
Chinese-American pollworker in Detroit observes open fraudMichiganSourceWitness17/11/2020 08:40 PM
Detroit public employees claims threw aways thousands of Trump votesMichiganSourcePhoto – Audio – Video17/11/2020 08:35 PM
OA refusal to permit GOP observers into buildingPennsylvaniaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video17/11/2020 08:31 PM
Witness to the delivery of boxes of Biden-Harris ballotsNevadaSourceWitness17/11/2020 08:28 PM
CNN video of PA vote swap during broadcast on election nightPennsylvaniaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video17/11/2020 08:25 PM
FBI RAIDS OFFICE IN PHOENIX, FINDS BALLOTSArizonaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video17/11/2020 08:11 PM
Unidentified men emptying mail in ballot boxesNationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video17/11/2020 08:08 PM
Shredded Trump ballots found in garbageOklahomaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video17/11/2020 08:03 PM
Bags of ballots found dumped in fieldNationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video17/11/2020 08:02 PM
Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, MIT engineer, says election statistics point to fraud.NationwideSourceStatistical17/11/2020 02:42 AM
People sending ballots in other people’s names.NevadaSourceMaterial17/11/2020 02:27 AM
Out of state voters, vote in Nevada Presidential raceNevadaSourceMaterial17/11/2020 02:25 AM
Granular County Level Postal Ballot Data Can Show If Fraud HappenedNationwideSourceStatistical17/11/2020 02:13 AM
MI Poll wartcher: Xerox copy ballots used for military votes for Biden 100%MichiganSourcePhoto – Audio – Video17/11/2020 07:58 PM
Detroit election workers cheering every time GOP attorney is removedMichiganSourcePhoto – Audio – Video17/11/2020 07:57 PM
70% of Wayne County (Detriot) vote counts mismatch poll booksMichiganSourceMaterial17/11/2020 07:56 PM
Gov. Witmer passes pro- vote fraud lawMichiganSourceDocument17/11/2020 07:47 PM
Apparent Election Official Records Self Destroying Trump VotesMichiganSourcePhoto – Audio – Video17/11/2020 07:43 PM
2017 Smartmatic CEO admits their machines can manipulate votesNationwideSourceExpert Witness17/11/2020 07:43 PM
Election Crimes Branch of the DOJ Criminal Division headed by anti-GOP R. PilferNationwideSourceHistorical Context17/11/2020 07:41 PM
Oregon elections director fired after he pointed out serious issuesOregonSourceWitness17/11/2020 07:36 PM
In 3 minutes, Trump lost 22k votes in Florida on Fox News 1:41:30 to 1:44:18FloridaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video17/11/2020 07:27 PM
On Nov. 4 “tens of thousands of ballots” delivered from out-of-stateMichiganSourceDocument17/11/2020 07:22 PM
Voting Machines easily manipulated to switch votes.NationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video17/11/2020 07:05 PM
Search results manipulation and improprietyNationwideSourceHistorical Context17/11/2020 06:34 PM
Democrat Senators Against Dominion in 2019NationwideSourceDigital – Glitch17/11/2020 06:11 PM
Two individuals have been charged with multiple counts of voter fraudCaliforniaSourceWitness17/11/2020 06:06 PM
Conflict: CEO of mail-in ballot co Runbeck Elections donated to Biden campaignNationwideSourceHistorical Context17/11/2020 06:05 PM
Second Memory Card With 2,755 Votes Found During Georgia Election AuditGeorgiaSourceDigital – Glitch17/11/2020 06:03 PM
12/11/2020 – Mark Anthony Gonsalves charged with 18 felony counts of voter fraudCaliforniaSourceDocument17/11/2020 05:38 PM
Nov 12th – Mark Anthony Gonsalves charged with 18 felony counts of voter fraudCaliforniaSourceDocument17/11/2020 05:30 PM
Analysis of NYT live data feed shows votes deleted and switchedGeorgiaSourceDigital – Glitch17/11/2020 04:57 PM
State employees were training poll workers to commit fraudMichiganSourcePhoto – Audio – Video17/11/2020 04:45 PM
users found potential mass registrations for some PA adressesPennsylvaniaSourceMaterial17/11/2020 04:43 PM
Biden violating 18 U.S. Code § 713 (a) – 6 mo in jailVirginiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video17/11/2020 04:16 PM
Pennsylvania Voting AnomaliesPennsylvaniaSourceStatistical17/11/2020 04:02 PM
LA Couple charged after submitting thousands of fraudulent voter reg formsCaliforniaSourceDocument17/11/2020 04:00 PM
Election IrregularitiesNationwideSourceHistorical Context17/11/2020 03:29 PM
Voting systems hacked to alter votes. Fast forward to 23 min in to get the meat.MichiganSourceStatistical17/11/2020 03:24 PM
Georgia Recount Auditors Call Multiple Ballots For Biden That Were For TrumpGeorgiaSourceWitness17/11/2020 03:17 PM
Sydney Powell: “the voting machine Election Voter Fraud was taking place in 2016FloridaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video17/11/2020 02:59 PM
Updated story of GA recount calling three Trump votes for Biden (caught)GeorgiaSourceWitness17/11/2020 02:58 PM
Discarded ballots found in garbage can at weddingOklahomaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video17/11/2020 02:57 PM
Dominion used software developers from SerbiaNationwideSourceHistorical Context17/11/2020 02:45 PM
Dominion Confirms Clinton Foundation Donation, Pelosi Staffer LinkNationwideSourceDigital – Glitch17/11/2020 02:45 PM
Cali men charged with 1000s of homeless ballot applicationsCaliforniaSourceCourt Ruling17/11/2020 02:32 PM
Edison data logs show 68K Trump votes lost or switched in GAGeorgiaSourceDigital – Glitch17/11/2020 02:31 PM
Voter Intimidation in Philly, Trump Observers Kicked OutPennsylvaniaSourceHistorical Context17/11/2020 02:28 PM
PRecinct 78 in New Mexico. Voting machine does not match ‘official tally”New MexicoSourcePhoto – Audio – Video17/11/2020 02:20 PM
Systematic fraud committed by Democrats in PA election.PennsylvaniaSourceStatistical17/11/2020 02:20 PM
140k ballots mailed to non-citizensNevadaSourceDocument17/11/2020 02:13 PM
Safest Election in American history from the Department of Homeland Security.TexasSourceExpert Witness17/11/2020 01:18 PM
Official Overseeing AZ Vote Count Tweeted About Trump’s “Neo-Nazi Base”ArizonaSourceHistorical Context17/11/2020 01:11 PM
Democrats movign from California to Georgia just to vote in GA Runoff ElectionGeorgiaSourceHistorical Context17/11/2020 12:57 PM
Smartmatic Voting featured Obama using their machines in marketing promosNationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video17/11/2020 12:45 PM
Peter Neffenger: Smartmatic Voting Machine Fraud, CIA also connectedNationwideSourceHistorical Context17/11/2020 12:33 PM
DOJ can seize assets of media covering up foreign electn interference(Dom,Scytl)NationwideSourceHistorical Context17/11/2020 12:17 PM
Poll Center Results Don’t Support Biden Win, County ROV Won’t Post ResultsCaliforniaSourceDocument17/11/2020 11:54 AM
Votes switching in real time on election night on CNNNationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video17/11/2020 11:46 AM
The State does not allow voter to see their voteCaliforniaSourceStatistical17/11/2020 11:46 AM
More than 100 Dominion workers delete LinkedIn profiles after the electionNationwideSourceWitness17/11/2020 10:50 AM
Biden bragging of extensive and inclusive voter fraudNationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video17/11/2020 01:37 AM
Dominion Engineer admitted he would make sure Trump LostNationwideSourceWitness17/11/2020 01:25 AM
Mob Boss deleivers thousands of false ballots in PhillyballotsPennsylvaniaSourceDocument17/11/2020 01:04 AM
Philly mob boss stole the election and why he may flip on Joe BidenPennsylvaniaSourceDocument17/11/2020 12:32 AM
Voter Irregularities Documented Since 11/7TexasSourceDocument17/11/2020 12:06 AM
Pollsters Giving False Information to Invalidate BallotsNew YorkSourceWitness16/11/2020 11:39 PM
In Tight Race, Officials Miraculously Find 15,000 Mostly Dem Votes On USB DriveVirginiaSourceMaterial16/11/2020 11:29 PM
Detroit Absentee Counting Center Blocks Observers From Monitoring ProcessMichiganSourceWitness16/11/2020 11:27 PM
Nevada dead people rise from grave to cast vote for bidenNevadaSourceMaterial16/11/2020 11:25 PM
Woman Voted in TX Finds Record of Her Voting via Mail-in Ballot in CACaliforniaSourceWitness16/11/2020 11:25 PM
Facebook: Conflict of Interest, Possible Election ManipulationNationwideSourceHistorical Context16/11/2020 11:22 PM
Hacker Gains Full Admin Access on Voting Machine in Under Two MinutesNationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video16/11/2020 11:20 PM
MIT PhD and Statistician Outlines Algorithmic Fingerprint Within Vote DataMichiganSourceStatistical16/11/2020 11:19 PM
Dr.SHIVA MIT: Michigan Votes Analysis Reveals Trump Votes Reallocated to BidenMichiganSourceStatistical16/11/2020 11:17 PM
Statistical Anomalies in Biden Votes, Analyses IndicateNationwideSourceStatistical16/11/2020 11:10 PM
#DETROITLEAKS — Instructor Tells Poll Workers how to not count votesMichiganSourcePhoto – Audio – Video16/11/2020 11:08 PM
NationwideSourceExpert Witness16/11/2020 11:07 PM
DetroitLeaks audio recording of poll workers being trained to violate lawMichiganSourcePhoto – Audio – Video16/11/2020 11:06 PM
Rod Blagojevich: Dems Widespread Voter Fraud “Never Seen It On Such A Magnitude”NationwideSourceExpert Witness16/11/2020 11:04 PM
Video Shows Philadelphia Poll Workers Denying GOP Observer AccessPennsylvaniaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video16/11/2020 10:54 PM
Illegal Nevada Voters Told to Register AFTER Casting BallotsNevadaSourceWitness16/11/2020 10:54 PM
U.S. Postal Worker Caught With Stolen Ballots At Canadian BorderNew YorkSourceMaterial16/11/2020 10:52 PM
Project Veritas: Massive Voter Fraud Among Dems & GOP To “Help The Bidens”TexasSourceWitness16/11/2020 10:50 PM
Woman Who Voted For Trump In Texas Shocked To Find She Also Voted Via Mail-InNationwideSourceWitness16/11/2020 10:50 PM
Fraudster attempts to register dozens of dead Democrats as voters in BrowardFloridaSourceMaterial16/11/2020 10:47 PM
2 Florida men allegedly used device to fish out mail, mail-in ballotsFloridaSourceExpert Witness16/11/2020 10:46 PM
Wisconsin clerks illegally altered absentee ballotsWisconsinSourceWitness16/11/2020 10:45 PM
Confessions of Voter Fraud: How the Sausage is MadeNationwideSourceExpert Witness16/11/2020 10:44 PM
Franklin County: 50K voters getting wrong absentee ballots: Ballots in the WindOhioSourceHistorical Context16/11/2020 10:43 PM
DELIAN project Estimated Total Value $2,250,000NationwideSourceMaterial16/11/2020 10:42 PM
9 Mail-in Ballots Discarded, At Least 7 Were for TrumpPennsylvaniaSourceHistorical Context16/11/2020 10:41 PM
Cuomo sends out 100,000 duplicate ballot secrecy envelopes into the windNew YorkSourceMaterial16/11/2020 10:39 PM
Lax Security at voting machine storage unit where controls stolen: walk right inPennsylvaniaSourceWitness16/11/2020 10:37 PM
Mr. Biden has been winning absentee votes, 77 percent to 22 percentPennsylvaniaSourceStatistical16/11/2020 10:36 PM
Pennsylvania Voting Machine Warehouse Broken Into, Laptop and USB Drives StolenPennsylvaniaSourceMaterial16/11/2020 10:35 PM
Philadelphia Voting Machine Controls Stolen from City WarehousePennsylvaniaSourceMaterial16/11/2020 10:34 PM
Georgia counties which “Forgot to hit upload” on their resultsGeorgiaSourceHistorical Context16/11/2020 10:31 PM
Timing: Biden Takes Lead @4AM From Mail-In Ballots, 3 Days After ElectionGeorgiaSourceHistorical Context16/11/2020 10:31 PM
Voter fraud whistleblowers in Nevada, Pennsylvania come forwardNationwideSourceWitness16/11/2020 10:30 PM
Detroit Ballot Tabulators Entered Names of Non-Voters During CountMichiganSourceWitness16/11/2020 10:24 PM
Voting vendors, security pros still far apart on protecting 2020 electionNationwideSourceExpert Witness16/11/2020 10:22 PM
Whistleblower told to count ballots lacking requisite signatures to be eligibleNevadaSourceWitness16/11/2020 10:22 PM
Hardware of Democracy 5.5 systems connected to the internetNationwideSourceDigital – Glitch16/11/2020 10:20 PM
Wisconsin: Absentee Ballots Illegally Altered Under Elections Commission OrderWisconsinSourceCourt Ruling16/11/2020 10:19 PM
nearly three dozen U.S. voting systems connected to internetNationwideSourceDigital – Glitch16/11/2020 10:17 PM
Detroit Ballot Tabulators Entered Names of Non-Voters During CountMichiganSourceWitness16/11/2020 10:16 PM
Spalding County extends voting hours after issues with machinesGeorgiaSourceDigital – Glitch16/11/2020 10:13 PM
Trump Ballots Found in Trash at Oklahoma ChurchOklahomaSourceWitness16/11/2020 10:13 PM
R/D ratios in data batches from Central Absentee Precinct may indicate tamperingVirginiaSourceStatistical16/11/2020 10:08 PM
Woman discovered box of 500 ballots from people who were not on voter rollsMichiganSourceWitness16/11/2020 10:05 PM
Suspects Attempt to Vote Illegally by Shaving HeadsNew YorkSourceWitness16/11/2020 10:00 PM
Poll worker: envelopes ripped open & ballots marked up near Biden-Harris vanNevadaSourceWitness16/11/2020 09:59 PM
Kamala Harris linked to SmartmaticSouth CarolinaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video16/11/2020 09:56 PM
Election Worker:Ballots IllegallyAltered-rescanning batches w/out discarding 1stMichiganSourceWitness16/11/2020 09:56 PM
VOTER FRAUDDelawareSourcePhoto – Audio – Video16/11/2020 09:53 PM
Evidence Proves ‘Burst Water Pipe’ Used As Cover For Secret Vote-CountingGeorgiaSourceMaterial16/11/2020 09:50 PM
Benford Law analysis: Chicago, Milwaukee & Pittsburgh show fraud for Joe BidenNationwideSourceStatistical16/11/2020 09:46 PM
Fairfax county makes 100k clerical error for BidenVirginiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video16/11/2020 09:41 PM
Detroit Poll Workers Tasked with Duplicating Ballots Were IlliterateMichiganSourceWitness16/11/2020 09:41 PM
Cops Keep Poll Challengers Out of Processing Center as 1000s votes are ProcessedMichiganSourcePhoto – Audio – Video16/11/2020 09:40 PM
Foreign Interference: votes routed to Barcelona & Frankfurt b4 being reportedNationwideSourceDigital – Glitch16/11/2020 09:32 PM
Registrar excluded Republican reps from provisional ballot validity meetingVirginiaSourceCourt Ruling16/11/2020 09:31 PM
Detroit tabulation machines were illegally connected to the internetMichiganSourceWitness16/11/2020 09:24 PM
Clake County Nevada throws out local electionNevadaSourceCourt Ruling16/11/2020 09:18 PM
Dominion paper ballots tabulate via QR code, witness from Illinois priorIllinoisSourceHistorical Context16/11/2020 09:14 PM
Michigan dead/centenarian voters and registered votersMichiganSourceStatistical16/11/2020 09:08 PM
Illegal sample ballots handed to voters waiting at a polling placeVirginiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video16/11/2020 09:03 PM
Election voting machine code is very suspectNationwideSourceWitness16/11/2020 09:03 PM
Poll workers purposely handed out wrong ballotsVirginiaSourceMaterial16/11/2020 08:55 PM
2017 Presentation of Dominion Exec Providing Walk Through of Voting SystemsIllinoisSourcePhoto – Audio – Video16/11/2020 08:46 PM
Pennsylvania mail in ballot percentages statistically impossiblePennsylvaniaSourceStatistical16/11/2020 08:32 PM
Big data fraud professionals find statistical evidence of voter fraudNationwideSourceStatistical16/11/2020 08:28 PM
Biden did NOT underperform Hillary in all but 6 citiesNationwideSourceDocument16/11/2020 08:25 PM
Belleweather counties predict winner is not Biden, but TrumpNationwideSourceStatistical16/11/2020 08:24 PM
Video evidence of vote switchingKentuckySourcePhoto – Audio – Video16/11/2020 08:16 PM
non-Trump supporter affidavit witnessed 20,000 Biden mail in votesGeorgiaSourceWitness16/11/2020 08:15 PM
Biden absentee ballot win percentage anomalous in MI, PANationwideSourceStatistical16/11/2020 08:11 PM
Biden under performed Hillary in every city but 6NationwideSourceStatistical16/11/2020 08:08 PM
VIDEO statistical case of vote irregularitiesNationwideSourcePhoto – Audio – Video16/11/2020 08:03 PM
Steve Cortes makes the statistical case for irregularitiesNationwideSourceStatistical16/11/2020 08:02 PM
1,619 Votes SUBTRACTED from Trump in GA Live on CNN (25 second mark)GeorgiaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video16/11/2020 07:45 PM
Multiple ballots mailed to voters!New MexicoSourcePhoto – Audio – Video16/11/2020 07:36 PM
19,958 Votes Subtracted from Trump, added to Biden LIVE on CNNPennsylvaniaSourcePhoto – Audio – Video16/11/2020 07:27 PM
It is important that people understand the complex form of fraud explained here.NationwideSourceDigital – Glitch16/11/2020 07:25 PM
Summary of numerous suspicious dataNationwideSourceStatistical16/11/2020 06:57 PM
4 AM drop of 98% for BidenWisconsinSourceStatistical16/11/2020 06:49 PM
7 – Unverified new submissionsEx 6of6: Trump PA vote decrease 666Why? CNN 0203-0Source05/12/2020 04:53 PM0

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